• Reading Course Overview:

    In fifth grade, we will be using a combination of short stories, novels, and articles from a variety of genres for our reading selections.   Quizzes will cover comprehension and vocabulary from the novels and short stories.  Unit tests will occur at the end of the 9 weeks testing the skills that are covered during the 9 week period. Here are the skills that we cover during each 9 weeks:

    1st 9 Weeks Reading Skills

    1.  Story elements
    2.  Main Idea and Details
    3.  Predicting Outcomes                                                                                  
    4.  Sequencing
    5.  Character Traits

    2nd 9 Weeks Reading Skills:

    1.  Cause & Effect
    2.  Summarizing
    3.  Vocabulary in context
    4.  Point of view
    5.  Drawing Conclusions

    3rd 9 Weeks Reading Skills:

    1.  Fact & Opinion
    2.  Author"s Purpose
    3.  Comparison & Contrast
    4.  Multiple Meanings
    5.  Structural Analysis

    4th 9 Weeks Reading Skills:

    1.  Conflict
    2.  Figurative Language
    3.  Paraphrasing
    4.  Unstated Main Idea
    5.  Make Generalizations