• Requesting Transcripts from IB for Credit: 
    Two options exist:
    Option 1: Submit a completed "Transcript Request Form" that you 
               received from Ms. Chothani or email Ms. Chothani the
               following information:
                 your name
                 the name of your university
                 your student ID (at your university)
                 the name and address of the person/office to receive the transcript
                Deadline for Option 1:  June 30
               IB mails these transcripts in mid-July.  Notify the appropriate
                office at your university to expect this transcript. To verify if
                the transcript will be sent electronically, check IB's list of
                universities at this web address: 
    Option 2: Request a transcript directly from IB. 
                  To make the request electronically, with payment via credit card,
                  access the"Request for Results Service" at this web address:
                Follow directions on the web page.  
                 You will need to know the school code (1097), your session number, personal
                 code, and exam session.   (Our exam sessions are always May, followed by
                 the year in which you took your exams.)
                If you prefer to mail a request, with payment by check, you may access
              the request form at this webpage:   
    COST:  $16

    Confirm with your university that they have received your transcript. Transcript requests are processed in the order in which they are received. Please allow at least 10-14 business days for your transcript to arrive at the university that you requested.




Last Modified on October 22, 2013