This is a volunteer and independent reading program in which the students select a book from the Ace Reader Book List and upon completion of the book, take a 10-point quiz and complete a book review. The students are recognized for their participation with a certificate.

    After reading two books within a two month period and scoring between a 90% and a 100%, the students then qualify for the Ace Reader activity. The theme varies each month.

    In conjunction with the Ace Reader Program, the students receive "library book bucks." An Ace Reader Book Fair will be held in June and the students will then use their accumulated "book bucks" to purchase paperback books of their choice!

    For one half hour each week students meet in a group of about sixteen with one teacher who is their advisor. The advisor will assume a helping role as an advocate for his or her assigned students by coordinating activities that will promote a sense of belonging, improve interpersonal relationships, and enhance the self-concept of every student.

    In November, Boyce Middle School hosts the 5th and 6th Grade AIU Calcu-Solve Competition. For the past four years the math competition has been held in the Student Union Ballroom at Duquesne University. Over fifty teams of four students each from across Allegheny and Washington Counties compete in a highly competitive math contest. Students answer individual math word problems and cooperate with their team members to answer group questions.

    Whether a student loves to sing, already plays a band or string instrument, or would love the chance to try an instrument for the first time, then Boyce is the place to be!

    With so much current research indicating that students involved in music programs have higher I.Q. scores, math scores, & SAT scores, the more musical opportunities available for our students, the better! Here's why:
    • Participating in music class, band, chorus, and orchestra provides our children with important experiences that can help them develop physical coordination, timing, memory, visual, aural and language skills.
    • When children work to increase their command of music and exercise musical skills in the company of others, they gain first hand experience and knowledge of self-paced learning, mental concentration, heightened personal and social awareness, teamwork, cooperation and the intrinsic value of excellence.
    • During musical performance, children must constantly turn their thoughts into action, developing quick and decisive thinking skills.
    • Most children don't participate in music because of the above, but because it's FUN!
    Students may take small group lessons during the school week on band and string instruments. Parents must furnish instruments. Opportunities to participate as a total performing group are provided. The 5th level band will have a group rehearsal from 2:55 p.m. to 3:35 p.m. one afternoon each week. Our 6th level band will rehearse at the same time on another afternoon. Our 5th/6th level orchestra will rehearse together one afternoon per week from 2:55 p.m. to 3:35 p.m.

    The latest project in the courtyard at Boyce Middle School has been the construction of a new pond. The pond is being enlarged and deepened to allow us to stock the pond with goldfish, koi and other aquatic life, which we hope, will be able to survive year round. This new work will certainly make our pond a more interesting place to visit and will allow our students an opportunity to study and examine a pond ecosystem right at school. We were able to purchase a new liner and padding for our pond from Animal Krackers in Bridgeville with funds provided by Boyce Student Council. Funds were also provided for the purchase of the landscape ties, which will form the border around the pond. Currently, we are seeking additional funds to purchase a UV sterilizer filter, a biofilter and a new pump to handle the additional volume of water. We want to thank the many students in both 5th and 6th grade who have worked so diligently doing the demolition work and the construction of the new pond.

    Every fall the fifth and sixth level students at Boyce Middle School embark on an exciting journey to the Wetlands off Boyce Road in Upper St. Clair. Each team of students spends a half-day hiking, journal writing, and experimenting during their learning adventure. The emphasis of the program is to enlighten the students on the natural benefits of the wetlands and to encourage the enjoyment of nature. If the students are lucky they may see deer, beaver, ducks, blue herons, and snowy egrets. Parents assist the teachers on the field trip by acting as instructional leaders or helpers for their child's team. The experience is continued at Fort Couch where students focus on the changes noted over the four-year period from 5th to 8th grades.

    For the past several years, the Boyce family has embraced the challenge of kindness and caring for an area of focus. Our parents and teachers have identified the need for social awareness and caring to be emphasized and the existence of Boyce Pride creates the opportunity for the PTA to support these needs by recognizing acts of caring among the students.

    The desire for students to display a caring attitude can only be reinforced if we recognize acts of kindness on a continual basis. Therefore the proposal is for Boyce Pride to become a vehicle for teachers to identify and communicate known acts of kindness to be recognized by the entire Boyce Family.

    Every month (September-June), each teaching team identifies two students who have performed the most outstanding acts of caring. The nominating teachers write a description of the act and the student is recognized in a special Boyce Pride Principal's Snack Party at the end of the month. The students receive the written nomination from the teacher and a certificate and medal, in addition to the traditional "Smiley Cookie". Deserving students may be recognized for more than one month, but the hope is that many different students will earn recognition.

    Four students from each of the 5th and 6th level teams at Boyce serve as Student Council Representatives. Under the leadership of Student Council Sponsors, representatives participate in school and community service projects throughout the year. Past projects have included serving lunches at Miryam's Women's Shelter, visiting and entertaining the residents at Friendship Village, and collecting caned food for the Pittsburgh Food Bank. Student council members must be responsible and enthusiastic students who serve as role models for their peers.

    All interested 5th and 6th level students may participate in chorus. Both levels will meet up to two times per week at the end of the school day during a music period.

    Boyce Middle School students and the Red Cross join annually in a collaborative effort to help needy children during the holiday season. Participating students fill a shoebox with gifts that are both fun and practical. The gifts are distributed to homeless and needy children in the surrounding communities.

    This sale, sponsored by the Boyce PTA, is conducted each September to support the Deer Valley Program and other educational activities. For information, contact the current Boyce PTA President.

    The YMCA of Greater of Pittsburgh Center for Race Relations and Anti-Racism Training is dedicated to teaching students about racism, race relations, and diversity. In order to help students to consider new ways to build racial harmony, the YMCA sponsors an essay contest. The contest allows students to present their thoughts in a creative manner while demonstrating their own understanding of the topic at hand. The focus of this year's contest asks: "What is your understanding of racism, and how does racism impact you?" Winners are invited to attend an awards ceremony where their achievements are recognized.

    Each day after lunch students have an opportunity to participate in gym time for about fifteen minutes. During this time they will either be in the gym or outside if weather permits. This is a time to explore individual interests while developing social relationships.

    History truly comes to life for Boyce Middle School students. As students complete their study of the American War for Independence, they participate in a day full of activities, sharing their learning with each other. This "Revolutionary War Day," held in January, allows learners to see student-created computer-generated slide shows, sing songs, and complete various research projects centered around their Social Studies unit. In the Spring, fifth level students participate in "Civil War Day," an opportunity to interact with Civil War reenactors, eat soldiers' food, and sing songs of the era. At the sixth level, students conclude their study of the Middle Ages by participating in "Middle Ages Day," complete with medieval crafts, cooking, and a planned peasant and noble wedding. This yearly spring event promises to be a continued success.

    Intramurals is a co-educational activity open to all students. It is held during the last class period of the day and last for 45 minutes. Students will participate twice a week during assigned periods throughout the year. A variety of large group activities are offered. Volleyball, basketball, bowling and pickleball are among the activities in which students will be given an opportunity to participate. These activities can be of a competitive or noncompetitive nature. Stress is placed on good sportsmanship and fair play. There is no specific dress code required. However, athletic shoes must be worn.

    Regular book exchange periods are scheduled twice a month. Children may also check books out for outside reading at other times as allowed by their assigned teacher. The parents must assume the cost of lost or damaged books.

    Each class will elect representatives to the Boyce Student Council. This group is responsible for expressing student opinion, aiding the faculty and administration in carrying out school rules and regulations, and conducting Student Council activities.

    Provisions for children with mental, emotional and physical disabilities in the Upper St. Clair School District are a joint commitment and responsibility of the District and the Allegheny Intermediate Unit. Learning support classes are offered for students who are identified as learning disabled or socially and emotionally handicapped. Specialized referral services are provided for students with psychological, speech, hearing, sight or other disabilities.

    Two counselors provide guidance and counseling services and a school psychologist is available to evaluate students and consult with teachers and parents.

    Each year in the spring, 5th and 6th grade students at Boyce Middle School have the opportunity to compete in several state and national math competitions. Fifth level students compete in the 5th Level Pennsylvania Mathematics League contest and 6th level students have the chance to compete in the 6th Level Pennsylvania Mathematics League contest and the Annual 6th Grade State Competition. Another math competition held in the spring for 5th and 6th level students is the "24" contest. All the students at Boyce participate in a level competition and then one student from 5th grade and one student from 6th grade represent our school at a regional "24 "competition.

    "Multicultural Education for Social Harmony" (MESH) brings students and their families of different cultures together for educational and social growth. Cultural events are scheduled at each of our schools throughout the school year. For more information, call your school principal.

    5th and 6th level students participate in a week long celebration that focuses on performing kind acts for others. Some of the activities included: decorating placemats for Friendship Village, making get well cards for patients at Children's Hospital, doing "favors" for staff members and all students pledging to do at least one act of kindness for another classmate each day of the week.

    Every other spring the Boyce PTA and the science department at Boyce sponsor a Science Extravaganza Day! Students spend a half-day focusing on science related topics. They have the opportunity to hear several local guest scientists speak and to become immersed in problem solving activities that stretch their imaginations and test their science skills. Working in small groups' students cooperate as a team using various materials to formulate creative solutions to science-based problems. The Science Extravaganza has become a much anticipated tradition at Boyce.

    In addition to seeing all students in the classroom, the Boyce Guidance Department teaches skills and gives information in small focus group settings. These groups are open to all students in 5th and 6th grades. Students learn from one another and enhance their self-concept in a small group setting. Themes for the small groups include friendship, grief/loss, changing families, and organizational skills. 5th level students are also selected to be rained as peer mediators. After completion of training, they are able to help students resolve conflicts at Boyce.

    The PTA Outreach Committee and the Guidance Department coordinate a Thanksgiving Food Drive for Boyce students. Each team provides specific food items for needy families. Complete Thanksgiving meals (including certificates for free turkeys) are packed in boxes decorated by the students. The meals are distributed by SHIM one week before Thanksgiving.