• DP Frequently Asked Questions
    Q:  Are only MYP students eligible to enroll in the IB Diploma Program?
    A:  No.  The MYP Program, because it is based on our honors program, is an excellent preparation for the DP.  However,  if a student has taken other honors classes, and has continued the study of a foreign language, that student is prepared for the rigor of the DP program.
    Q:  Isn't it true that the DP is mainly for students who do not intend to major in math or science-related fields?
    A:  No.  The course offerings allow students to choose whether they will focus their attention on higher level science/math classes or higher level humanities classes.  With either choice, students graduate with excellent preparation for college success.
    Q:  Does the DP prevent students from selecting other desired electives, such as in art and music?
    A:  No.  Though scheduling has been tricky, students have been able to take some of the art/music classes they desired.  All students generally have to set priorities and make choices when scheduling.
    Q:  Are DP students in classes with the same, small group all day?
    A:  No.  Some classes are blended; i.e., combined with AP or honors.  Also, non-IB electives allow students to interact with non-IB students.  Also, some IB courses now have a high enough enrollment that multiple sections of those courses exist. 
          Incidentally, students who take multiple honors or AP classes may find themselves in the same situation as DP students.
Last Modified on March 16, 2011