"The IB Diploma Program did not simply present an opportunity for a respectable education, but rather provided me with a well-rounded academic career complemented by a camaraderie of fellow students who have since become my closest friends."  
                                                         Sidney Kushner, Brown University
    "IB prepared me for college.  The time management and study skills I learned throughout the program proved invaluable in making the transition to university-level work.  The international focus also helped shape my career plans; I feel well-equipped to live and work abroad."
                                                        Dan Capone, Wake Forest University
    "My experience with the IB curriculum prepared me well for college.  The course work is engaging and challenging, and I would recommend it without hesitancy or reservation."
                                                        Matt Prorok, Duke University
    "Taking the IB Diploma Program really changed my view on different topics in our society.  Not only did it help me in school, but it helped me in my life in general.  The critical thinking involved and the different perspectives opened up my eyes to the world around me."
                                                      Irmak Erdem, Rochester University
    "As an IB Diploma Program student in German and History of the Americas, I feel I was well prepared for my college classes.  The time management, reading, writing, and speaking skills I learned in high school allowed me to be comfortable with my college work load and excel in my classes."
                                                     Sam Walker, Colgate University
    "IB helped me with critical thinking skills. The focus on writing gave me an edge on other students in college and ultimately helped my grades, especially in the humanities."
                                                    Surya Ravindran,
                                                             Case Western Reserve University
Last Modified on January 12, 2010