• Challenge Program

    The Challenge program at the middle school level provides a variety of opportunities for the gifted student. The goal of the program is to challenge the student appropriately in thought, work and ability in academic areas. Every 6th grade student receives Challenge support two times in a six-day rotation and 5th grade one time in a six-day rotation in place of classroom instruction.  In addition, the students are involved in an "option" component on a rotating basis.  Instructors also work with the students in the regular classroom to provide enrichment opportunities in math and English language arts.  Through the Challenge program, students also have the opportunity to:
    • attend literary performances at the Carnegie Music Hall
    • participate in academic competitions at the local, national and international level
    • have their work published in an anthology of poetry
    • develop research projects related to areas of individual interest
    • use technology to create web pages
    • discuss literature in small groups
Last Modified on July 30, 2015