• 5th Grade Guidance Curriculum

    Using the Pennsylvania State Standards for School Counseling as our guide, the Guidance Department at Boyce Middle School has developed a comprehensive school counseling program. This program includes a Guidance Curriculum that covers a variety of current topics to address the needs of our 6th grade students. Below you will find a list and brief summary of the topics that we cover throughout the year!

    Introduction to Middle School

    During our first week, students will be introduced to and discuss the expectations for guidance class. Through an “ice breaker” activity, the students will come together and bond as members of the Boyce Middle School family.

    Discipline Code/Harassment Policy

    Through open discussion prompted by the counselor and principal, the students will have an understanding of the disciplinary code and will be able to define and give examples of harassment. Students will also be made aware of the harassment policy.

    Organization Skills/Time Management

    Students will learn to acquire organizational tips for succeeding in Middle School. They will also understand the importance of organizing their after-school time.

    Emotions and Behavior

    Students will understand that all emotions are acceptable, but not all behaviors are acceptable.


    Students will discuss bullying encounters, whether as a victim, bully or bystander. They will also understand how feelings of anger, fear, sadness, and loneliness can leave invisible scars.


    By identifying positive characteristics of themselves, students will learn the difference between having a healthy and optimistic self-esteem and bragging.Conflict


    Because conflict is unavoidable at any age and sometimes problematic at this age, students embark upon a unit to define conflict, and learn how to effectively handle conflict using proper techniques and behaviors. They will learn to solve conflicts using a win-win model. The counselor also explains the benefits and use of mediators and the rules of fighting fair.Refusal SkillsThe counselor will introduce and explain different ways to say no and practice the skills with students. By gaining an understanding of how peer pressure affects the ability to say yes or no, students will be better equipped to handle future situations.

    Diversity/Accepting Differences

    Students will recognize the importance of respecting diversity, explore social problems of stereotyping and distinguish unfair treatment of others.

    Human Growth and Development

    *This unit is now taught by our Health & Physical Education teachers. Prior to this unit, parents will be notified email with additional information regarding the lessons and will be given the opportunity to allow their child to opt out.

    This unit is directed toward helping students understand the many physiological and emotional changes taking place at this time of their growth and development. During this unit, the boys and girls will be in separate groups.

    Drugs & Alcohol

    This unit will introduce the students to the dangers of different drugs.  Students will then be able to identify the short and long-term effects of drugs and how their decisions can affect themselves and others.

    Career Development

    Students will explore their talents and interests as well as understand how careers relate to an individual's personality.Service LearningStudents will participate in a community service project. This will enable them to understand the many benefits of helping others and giving back to communities and those in need.