Prospective Diploma Program Students:
            No application process exists for Upper St. Clair High School's IB Diploma Program.  Students who wish to schedule IB classes may do so through the regularly scheduled course selection process conducted by our Counseling Department.  The course selection guide, posted on the Counseling web pages, provides descriptions of each IB course. This guide also indicates which courses have prerequisites.
           Completing the MYP program is not a necessary prerequisite for the Diploma Program.  However, students entering the DP will be more prepared for the rigor of the program if they have taken challenging courses in ninth and tenth grades.  Both MYP Honors and non-MYP Honors level classes provide excellent preparation for the IB Diploma Program.
           Students are also encouraged to discuss the IB curriculum with their current teachers and with the teachers of the individual DP courses. 
    Current DP Students:
    PRE-REGISTRATION:   The following courses require that students confer with their teachers before registering:
        Language B:  Students must determine whether they will register for the HL or SL exam.
        Visual Arts: Students must determine whether they will register for Option A or Option B.
          Registration for the May exams will take place in your classes.  For most students, registration for exams occurs in their Language B classes.  The IB Coordinator brings the registration forms to IB classes or provides copies to the IB teachers. 
Last Modified on January 5, 2010