• Fort Couch PTSO Committees

     The following is a list of the Standing Committees of the Fort Couch PTSO.    

    **For the 2020-2021 school year, due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic impacts on our schools, PTSO events, activities and committees may be cancelled, modified or deferred. Stay tuned for additional details and feel free to direct questions to FortCouchPTSO@gmail.com

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     ACTIVITIES FEES: (PTSO Treasurer) Work to collect the payment by families of Activities Fees, updating a shared spreadsheet to have an up-to-date list. First meeting with PTSO President will be early in August to discuss the letter to families and plan.  Attend Welcome Day and first Social (typically Aug or Sept) to work Activities Fees tables. Coordinate with the Fast Pass chairs as needed. Coordinate with the Treasurer as needed.

    The Activities Fee of $40 pays for PTSO support of Fort Couch programs:

    • Curriculum Enrichment/Team Enhancements
    • Afterschool Socials
    • 8thGrade Farewell Party
    • In-School Clubs
    • Caught You Being Good Activities
    • Field Day
    • Red Ribbon Week
    • Standardized Testing Snacks
    • Support for Art, Band, Chorus, Musical & Orchestra Programs
    • Subsidies for Class/Team Field Trips
    • Spelling Bee
    • Staff Appreciation Events
    • And your PTSO Membership

    APPLES FOR STUDENTS:Coordinate the "Apples for Students" program through Giant Eagle supermarket, as well as the Shop'N'Save SEEDS program to earn funds for school, primarily through flyers, school announcements, and email communication.

    BAND PARENTS: (7thand 8thGrade Parent) Coordination with Band Teacher to facilitate the use of the PTSO budgeted funds for the Band students. Ensure communication of Band announcements with the PTSO. The 8thgrade Band Parent acts as a liaison for students moving to High School Band.  Band Parents also offer the service of collecting donations for a gift for the teacher at the end of the year.

    CAUGHT YOU BEING GOOD: (CYBG) Co-chairs. Last two weeks of school in December. Event promoting kindness and good-behavior in the building for both Staff and Students. Co-Chairs will coordinate acts of kindness slips, raffle, and rewards. *Updates to the event format. Co-chairs will meet with the PTSO Exec Board to iron out details.

    CHORUS/MUSICAL PARENTS:(7thand 8thGrade Parent) Coordination with Chorus Teacher to facilitate the use of the PTSO budgeted funds for the Chorus students. Ensure communication of Chorus/Musical announcements with the PTSO. Chorus Parents also offer the service of collecting donations for a gift for the teacher at the end of the year.

    DIGITAL COMMUNICATION COORDINATOR: (PTSO Secretary) Per the PTSO Bylaws, manage the PTSO portion of the Fort Couch Middle School website, and also PTSO Facebook page. Send emails and coordinate with the PTC, and District Communications liasions as needed.

    DIRECTORY: Coordinate distribution of hard copies of directories with the USC PTC. Coordinate with the PTSO Treasurer for Fort Couch Staff Directory orders.

    EIGHTH-GRADE FAREWELL: Co-Chairs. Plan the eighth-grade year-end party, which is usually just over an hour during a school day in the Cafeteria in May.

    FAMILY WELCOME DAY: (Exec. Board) Organize an event at the school prior to the first day of school for students to come into the building, pay Activities Fees, get a gift. Parents can also sign up for PTSO volunteer committees.

    FAST PASSES: (7thand 8th Grade Parent) Coordinate with the Student Dues Chairs and PTSO Treasurer to create Fast Passes, and distribute them for Socials just prior to each event based on paid Activities Fees list. In addition, attend all 4 socials and bring the up-to-date paid Activities Fees list in order to check-in students at the beginning of the event.

    FIELD DAY: Co-Chairs. Support Phys Ed teachers to coordinate field day treat, water and volunteers. Assist during field day with set up of water stations and supplies. Work with Phys Ed teachers to replace equipment for Field Day as needed and with PTSO exec board approval.  The Phys Ed teachers select the date, which is typically at the end of May or in June at Boyce Middle School Field.

    HIGH SCHOOL LIASION: (Advisor of FC PTSO) Attend HS PTSO or PTC meetings and report back to the Fort Couch PTSO any relevant information.

    HOSPITALITY: (VP of PTSO) Purchase and set up food for PTSO meetings, the annual PTC meeting hosted at Fort Couch, and the end of year PTSO luncheon.

    ORCHESTRA PARENTS: (7thand 8thGrade Parent) Coordination with Orchestra Teacher to facilitate the use of the PTSO budgeted funds for the Orchestra students. Ensure communication of Orchestra announcements with the PTSO. Orchestra Parents also offers the service of collecting donations for a gift for the teacher at the end of the year.

    REACH OUT COLLECTIONS: Co-Chairs. Support the Student Council by providing daily volunteers to count, record, and track the donations that are collected during Reach Out – the school’s charitable fundraiser during the last two weeks of school in December.

    SCHOLASTIC ART AND WRITING COMPETITION: Coordinate with the USC PTC ART in USC chair the specific activities for Fort Couch; Provides information to students and families regarding activities and deadlines.

    SHARING & CARING: (Pres. of PTSO) In order to foster a sense of sharing and caring within the Fort Couch community, committee chair will act, when requested, to aid Fort Couch families experiencing a time of crisis, hardship or need. Volunteer commitment would be based on community need.

    SOCIALS: Co-Chairs. Plan three socials per year in coordination with PTSO President. Including coordinate dates with principal, hire DJ, purchase refreshments, coordinate volunteers to chaperone, and manage decorations, any activities and concessions. Typically, two in the fall semester and the Valentine’s Dance social in February, which is in coordination with the Student Council (the students decorate and advertise). 

    SPIRIT NIGHT: Coordinate fundraising opportunity events with local businesses.

    SPIRIT WEAR: Co-Chairs. Work with vendor to host a spirit wear online store of USC specific merchandise in the Fall with an optional second sale in the Spring.

    STAFF APPRECIATION: Co-Chairs. Coordinate with the PTSO President the staff appreciation activities throughout the year including the Welcome Breakfast (typically the first week of school as coordinated with Principal), a Holiday-themed event (Warm Winter Wishes typically in December), and a year-end week-long appreciation event as well. 

    VALENTINE GRAMS: Co-Chairs. Work to support the Student Council in efforts to sell Valentine's grams at Fort Couch the week before Valentine's Day. 

    YEARBOOK: Co-Chairs that coordinate a committee of volunteers to take pictures of Fort Couch clubs and events, work together to design yearbook layouts, set sale dates with the publisher, coordinate printing and distribution to the students, and also work to advertise the Yearbook sales to families throughout the year. If there is a School Photography Club the co-chairs will work with the sponsor-teacher/students who participate in the Photography Club to ensure inclusion of the student pictures into the yearbook.

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