•  Teacher Training

    Together with participating in District-wide training, an IB teacher receives training before deskand after he is assigned to teach in any of the three programs offered by the District. This training includes training by IBO and the School District.

    Training provided by IBO includes:

    • attending IB workshops and conferences;
    • participating in online discussions and special events on the IB’s website for teachers, the Online Curriculum Centre (OCC);
    • reviewing relevant support materials published by the IB online and/or in print;
    • responding to appeals from the IB for teachers to participate in other curriculum-related activities (eg: curriculum reviews, collecting samples of student work);
    • applying to become a moderator for the purpose of moderating internally assessed student work; and
    • applying to become an IB workshop leader.

    The District provides in-house training to supplement IBO training. This training is conducted by District employees that are also certified IB MYP workshop leaders or PYP teachers that have received extensive IBO training.

    All DP teachers receive training from the IBO before teaching an IB DP course in the high school. District PYP and MYP teachers are sent to IB training on a rotating basis with District IB training provided to those that have not received IB training.
Last Modified on February 1, 2017