• Responsibilities of the Student Athlete


    1. Student-athletes cannot participate in their respective sport if they have below a 60% in two or more of their core classes. If this occurs the teachers will alert the principal. The principal will notify the coach of the situation and then meet with the student-athlete. They will discuss resolutions that could include an improvement plan, limiting practice time, and/or possible suspension.
    2. A student athlete of a junior high/middle school wherein interscholastic athletic competition is limited to grades seven and eight, shall be ineligible to compete in interscholastic athletic contests upon attaining the age of 15 years, with the following exceptions:

      • If the age of fifteen is attained on or after July 1, the student athlete shall be age eligible to compete through that school year. 
      • If the age of sixteen is attained on or after July 1, the student athlete shall age eligible to compete with student athletes in the ninth grade.

    1. To be eligible for interscholastic athletic competition a student athlete must pursue a full time curriculum that is defined and approved as such by the principal. In turn this curriculum must also conform to the regulations of the State Board of Education and the Pennsylvania School code, and any local policies as established by the local school board. The student athlete must maintain acceptable grades in the approved curriculum, as certified by the principal.
    2. Any student athlete declared ineligible may practice during the period of ineligibility, but may not participate in scrimmages or sanctioned contests.
    3. All student athletes must be in school by 11 AM to be eligible to practice or play that day.
    4. A student athlete who has been absent from school during a semester for a total of 20 days shall not be eligible to participate in any school sponsored athletic contest until he or she has been in attendance for a total of 60 days following the 20th day of absence.
    5. All student-athletes must reside within the Upper St. Clair School District to participate in athletics at Fort Couch Middle School



    All student-athletes are expected to follow all rules in theFort Couch Student Handbook. Any inappropriate behaviors will be corrected according to the Fort Couch Behavior Plan or at the coach’s discretion.



    All student-athletes are expected to treat their equipment as school property. Any lost items will require a payment to the school district.