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    Patrick Corr:
    7th Grade Science Teacher: Team 2
    Middle School Athletic Coordinator
    Varsity Assistant Football Coach
    Family Welcome! My name is Mr. Corr and I want to take some time introduce myself.   I am originally from Pittsburgh area and graduated from Fox Chapel Area High School in 1998.   From there, I went to Mercyhurst University and received a degree in biology education in 2002.   I then went on to teach in Erie for three years at West Lake Middle School (Erie McDowell).  As of today this is my 12th year teaching science at Fort Couch and my 11th year teaching overall.   I currently reside in the Upper St. Clair school district with my wife Lindsay and my children Finn, Liam, and Molly.  Yes..Molly is holding a lightsaber.  
    Ever since I was young child I could always remember being concerned with how things work.  Taking (more like breaking) apart old appliances, opening things that I probably shouldn't were some of my favorite things to do.  Much to the dismay of my parents, I was trying to figure out what was going on.   This may have been just a product of a curious mind, however later in life this curiosity grew into gaining an understanding of the natural world.    This has been a lifelong question of mine.  Science helps me understand this question and we will share this experience together.  Thus, my purpose is not only to expose you to science concepts but, to open your eyes to the nature of our world.  
    In this class we will participate in labs, dissections, projects, demonstrations, debates, inquiry, and research-based activities all which are mostly student centered.   We will use the ipad interactively on a daily basis for most of the activities.  We will participate in a year long group science fair project and also two short term engineering projects.  We will be very busy!  Download my student guide for more information.   Click on the "getting started" link on left hand menu.  



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