• SAFETY...Hammerman
    During any Industrial Technology classes where any machines are used, ALL students must complete and pass a safety test with 100% correct for everyone's safety.  I lecture and review all rules and operating techniques for every machine the students will be using before taking the test so the students will have all the information needed to be successful.
    In my classroom, I have 3 major rules and 3 major goals. 


    • 1. SAFETY - safety glasses, tie hair back, remove loose clothing, stay out of machine safety boxes, etc
    • 2. Use your brain! Machines do not have one. - the description says it all
    • 3. 3 Inches - EVERYTHING but the material MUST stay AT LEAST 3 inches away from the "business part"


    • 1. SAFETY - above all, SAFETY is the #1 priority
    • 2. Finish your project - It is important that we work towards completion every day.
    • 3. Have Fun! - as long as we are abiding by the rules and previous goals, having fun is important too!


Last Modified on October 9, 2015