• Eighth Grade Math Course Overview
    Miss Rummel- Team 5, 2011-2012
    Room 244
    Phone: (412)-833-1600 ext. 3314

    Welcome to Fort Couch!  I hope that you had a relaxing and enjoyable summer.  To start off the year I want to give you an overview of what you should expect to learn and understand in seventh grade math.  The follow are the topics we will attempt to cover during the year.

    Materials Needed for Class
    • 3-Ringed Binder
    • Dividers for Binder
    • Loose leaf paper
    • Clear ruler
    • Pencils
    • Scientific calculator with an EE or EXP key (he/she may use the same calculator used at Boyce, but it may not have every feature that we are going to use).  If you do plan to buy a new calculator I would recommend the Texas Instrument TI-30 series (TI-30, TI-32, TI-34,...) or the TI-84

    You are required to keep an organized binder.  The front of the binder should have your Name, Team, and Section clearly displayed.  This binder should have dividers indicating the below sections:
    I.        Overview- this signed paper should be in this section
    II.      Notes- ALL notes should be dated and NEVER taken out of the binder
    III.    Homework- should have the appropriate heading and NEVER taken out
    IV.    Assignments- any assignments we do throughout the year, rubrics for projects, etc. should be found in this section
    Binders will be graded after every chapter to make sure you are keeping your notes, homework, and assignments organized. 

    Classroom Procedures and Supplies:
    Attendance is of utmost importance and please be on time.  You must bring your three ring binder, scientific calculator, and a pencil EVERY DAY!

    Homework should always remain in the homework section of your binder.  Ensure that each homework assignment has the date, page number, and the numbers of the problems to be completed at the top.  Each homework assignment is worth up to three points.  In order to receive full credit ALL WORK must be shown for each problem, not just answers.  If you turn in your homework late you will receive a ZERO for that particular assignment.  If you are absent, homework must be made up and you are responsible to show me it upon your return. 

    Missed Work due to Absence:
    If you happen to be absent at any given time you are responsible to acquire any materials, assignments or notes that you missed.  Activities and assignments missed due to field trips or extra-curricular activities are due BEFORE you leave. If you happen to be ill, your assignments need to be made up in a timely manner.

    Assessment and Evaluation:
    Your grades are a combination of tests, quizzes, homework, binder checks, participation, projects, and effort displayed.  In order to receive full credit for projects or work turned in your NAME, the DATE, and your SECTION must be written on the top of the page.  Projects and assignments are expected to be turned in on time and kept in your binder after being graded.  Projects will be graded on both their academic knowledge and for daily performance.  If your project or assignment is turned in late you will receive no daily performance points for that particular project or assignment; however, you still may receive all of your academic knowledge points.

    You are responsible for your own actions. Be respectful of yourself, the teacher, and your classmates. It is your responsibility for any assignments that you miss.Assignments are due at the BEGINNING of class.  If they are not you will receive no daily points for that assignment.  Bring all your math materials to class everyday. Record your assignments everyday in your Time Tracker.The hall pass is a privilege and should not be abused. If you come to school late and miss math class, you are responsible to come and get your assignment and notes for the day.                                                                        

    Students and Parents/Guardians: 
    Please read over and discuss this overview together and sign it to indicate your understanding.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.  I am very excited to work together this year and am anticipating a great year!