Homework Policy

    The Upper St. Clair School District homework policy is based on educational research which indicates that "systematically assigned homework contributes to academic achievement to a variable degree for able learners, to some extent for the average, and to a marked degree for slow learners." Homework is a necessary supplement that supports and enriches the instructional program. It is most meaningful when it is corrected, discussed, and returned to the students, and when it relates to the concepts and objectives that have already been thoroughly explained and understood by the students.

    Students in 6th through 8th Levels should be able to complete their homework within one to one and one half hours a day. In order to meet the needs of individual students and their ability to perform independent study, homework assignments are gradually increased from the elementary levels to the high school. If you find that your child's workload regularly exceeds this recommended amount, we encourage you to contact your student's homeroom teacher.

    Because it is important for students this age to have time to explore other outside activities, time is set up within the daily schedule for students to begin their homework. Teachers are available during this study time for students who are having trouble with a concept.

    At Fort Couch, homework is not given on the weekend unless a student should choose to schedule work on long term assignments during that time.

    A contract is set for students who are consistently lax or late in completing their homework. These students are required to have daily assignment sheets checked and signed by each teacher. The parent signs that the work is completed and the daily assignment sheets are then returned. Counselors review the returned sheets. Students not working up to expectations and requiring weekly rather than daily monitoring may be put on a Principal's Watch.

    Homework Requests:

    Because all students are permitted time to make up missed work when they return to school, HOMEWORK SHOULD ONLY BE REQUESTED IF THE STUDENT IS EXPECTED TO BE ABSENT TWO OR MORE DAYS. Homework for absences due to an educational trip is handled on an individual basis. Parents may access the Team Homework Hotline twenty-four hours a day to hear current assignments and projects for the week.

    Requests for homework can be made by calling the main office at extension 3000. Homework will be available for pickup at the end of the day only if the request is made before 9:00 a.m.. Requests received after 9:00 a.m. will be available at the end of the following day. Homework may be picked up in the Attendance Office.