• May 17, 2024

    Fort Couch dominates math competition

    First place teamsStudents from Fort Couch Middle School excelled in both the individual and team competition at the annual CalcuSolve event on May 9, 2024. Six students earned perfect scores and all three top teams were from Fort Couch.

    CalcuSolve is a math competition where students compete individually and as part of a team of four students. There are nine math problems, seven individual and two team problems. Students earn points based on correct answers given during a set amount of time. In total, the competition featured 68 teams from 24 different schools throughout western Pennsylvania.

    Eight students earned perfect scores, six of whom were from Fort Couch Middle School. Finishing first with perfect scores in the individual competition were Bernard Huang, Eliot Kim, Cynthia Shen, Lyman Thomson, Joey Wyse and Sam An. Tied for second place was Raana Parchuri. Avik Pandey, Aaron Jiang and Seth Pedretti finished tied for third.

    In the team competition, Fort Couch swept all three top spots with a narrow margin between all three.

    • First Place:  Aaron Jiang, Seth Pedretti, Cynthia Shen and Lyman Thompson
    • Second Place: Sam An, Felix Chen, Raana Parchuri and Joey Wyse
    • Third Place: Bernard Huang, Eliot Kim, Avik Pandey and John Whitman

    The students were coached by Jason O’Roark, gifted and accelerated math teacher.

    “Throughout the year students practice higher level math problems in preparation for events like CalcuSolve,” Mr. O’Roark said. “The students had to do well on a school qualifier to earn the right to go to the competition.”

    The annual CalcuSolve event is sponsored by the Allegheny Intermediate Unit.