• May 17, 2024

    AP Biology students participate in mobile science program

    SPARC Science LabUpper St. Clair High School students in the Advanced Placement Biology course recently participated in hands-on activities from the Science Program and Research Coach (SPARC) Mobile Science Program, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Society for Biomedical Research (PSBR).

    Hunter Angle, outreach educator for PSBR, spent two days in science teacher Dawn Mostowy’s classroom.

    “It was a fantastic hands-on experience and a first for USC,” Mrs. Mostowy said. “He did the Case of the Broken Beaker and Glow Germ activities for my AP Bio classes. He will come again in the fall for a second visit.”

    The SPARC program delivers engaging, hands-on and age-appropriate biomedical science curricula embedded with career awareness and readiness information. SPARC demonstrates laboratory methodologies used in biomedical research to introduce concepts surrounding the scientific method, genetic and biomedical engineering, genome editing, nanotechnology, neuroscience, and laboratory animal science.

    “I enjoyed learning how the technology we learned about during the school year is used in a real scientific experiment such as gel electrophoresis,” sophomore Taylor Gibbs said.

    Mr. Angle Hunter also provided information on his background and career path choices and gave examples of other possible careers for biology majors.

    “It was really interesting learning about different pathways in STEM and how to find a meaningful and successful career,” sophomore Ketan Shetty said.