• March 22, 2024

    Baker welcomes readers from Friendship Village

    Guest readerBaker Elementary School welcomed several special readers from nearby Friendship Village on Wednesday, March 13, 2024, to help kick-off the school’s Read-a-Thon. This marked the second year in a row for these special guests.

    Students, dressed in their pjs for Pajama Day, were excited about the visiting readers. The special guests read several books, including Flat Stanley, Rainbow Fish, The Big Cheese, I Wanna Iguana, Meet the Dollards and Chez Bob.

    Principal Dr. Patrick McClintock-Comeaux considers the partnership between Friendship Village and Baker Elementary a win-win.

    “Our students adore the readers and truly enjoy hearing not only stories from books, but the life experiences that are shared,” he said. “The residents also have said that they enjoy the time with our students and have fun sharing their love of reading.”

    Having guest readers helps students to understand that they are part of a greater community.

    “The Baker Family extends far beyond the walls of our building, and our ongoing relationship with Friendship Village has helped them to see that,” Dr. McClintock-Comeaux said. “Any event that helps children feel connected and also helps our greater community see the great work that our teachers, staff and families are doing in our schools is important. It gives us perspective from our past, hope for the future, and helps us see that we can all learn from each other in the present.”

    Baker’s annual Read-a-Thon challenges students to read as many minutes as possible during a 10-day window. Later that evening, the school hosted Baker Bedtime Stories and Scholastic Book Fair. Several teachers and other special guests read stories during four 20-minute blocks. Students could choose from among 21 different books to hear.

    The event is held in conjunction with the PTA’s Scholastic Book Fair. Purchases can be made via the online Book Fair through Sunday, March 24.