• Feb. 24, 2024

    Slice of Success: Celebrating fraction mastery with pizza party

    Pizza fractionsThird-graders at Baker Elementary School recently completed their last two math topics on fractions. To celebrate the accomplishment, third-graders were treated to a fraction pizza party with pizzas from Ardolino's.

    Baker’s third grade teachers include Jaci Covelli, Elizabeth DelGrecco, Elizabeth McDonough, Jourdan Chahine, as well as Elizabeth Shontz, student teacher.

    Prior to actually eating pizza, students created their own fraction pizzas in their classrooms. Choosing from an abundance of toppings, including pineapple, mushroom, sausage, peppers, pepperoni and olives, the third-graders used their new knowledge of fractions to determine what fraction of their pizza contained each topping.

    “This was a fun lead into their celebration of fraction learning!,” Mrs. Chahine said.