• Jan. 5, 2024

    7th graders’ poems selected for publication

    Lindsey & FinleyTwo Fort Couch Middle School students recently achieved the status of published poet. Poems written by seventh graders Lindsey Fitzgerald and Finley Garvey were selected for publication in the Creative Communication fall poetry contest.

    Lindsey’s poem, “The World Is Always Moving,” and Finley’s poem, “A World Lit Up by Flames,” will be published in a student poetry anthology. Only the top 45-55% of entries are included in the publication.

    The poetry contest, open to students in kindergarten through grade nine, is divided into three grade divisions: K-3, 4-6 and 7-9. Poems could be 21 lines or less on any topic. Entries are judged on literary merit, creativity and social significance by published writers and/or educators in elementary, secondary and higher education.

    Learn more about Creative Communications online: https://www.poeticpower.com/students.

    The World Is Always Moving
    by Finley Garvey, grade 7

    A leaf as still as stone
    Never moves an inch,
    Unless the leaf is blown
    To travel with the wind.

    The movement of the earth, the wind, the fire and the rain
    Wouldn't be the main four elements
    If they always stayed the same.

    The embers dance their orange and red
    Upon the maze of wood.
    Set the green ablaze as it spreads
    As quickly as it could.

    The ocean's vibrant blue
    Is always rolling with the sea,
    And the colors wisping down the stream
    Run oh so gracefully.

    And while all of nature dances in sync
    The leaf stays still as stone.
    What doesn't move with the rest of the world
    Is always left alone.

    A World Lit Up by Flames
    by Lindsey Fitzgerald, grade 7

    Serenity and peace are what we all desire,
    But many's eyes are blinded by the fire.
    When we tried to stop their mad unhinge,
    We failed and brought back scars and singe.

    We struggled to navigate their twisted maze
    As they kept fighting; a powerful blaze.
    They'd found a way to be fueled by our fearing
    So they could keep their deadly heat searing.

    As we looked at the chaos we tried to remember
    Why coals led to spark and spark led to ember.
    Soon we would find that they had no sense,
    Just an insane craving for scorching violence

    But one day, at last, it came to a close;
    A bucket of water doused the inferno.
    A truce was formed and everyone cheered,
    Their worst enemy at length disappeared.

    But a fire cannot truly be put out
    And the flare will return without a doubt.
    We must accept that peace will never stay
    In this broken world lit up by flames.