• Courtyard Crew

    Oct. 19, 2023

    Excitement for Courtyard Crew grows at Boyce

    Courtyard CrewThe Boyce Middle School interior courtyard is in the midst of a transformation thanks to the excitement of the school’s fifth and sixth graders. More than 120 students have signed up for the Fall Courtyard Crew, which is working to revitalize the Boyce courtyard through gardening.

    In fact, the Courtyard Crew is so large that the students are divided into eight teams. Although each team meets every other week, at least one team works in the library and courtyard every afternoon. The program is just one of the clubs organized by Morgan Olsen, Boyce Middle School librarian.

    “We would like to create a beautiful green space within the school that students can learn from and in,” Mrs. Olsen said. “The Courtyard Crew finds gardening at the end of the school day a great way to relax and have fun with friends!”

    The Courtyard Crew is part of the school’s Pride Time library programming, which aims to provide interest-based programs for students.

    “The objective is to provide unique and engaging opportunities for students outside of the traditional classroom setting,” Dr. Dan O’Rourke, Boyce principal, said. “Our courtyard is a perfect space for students to collaborate, problem-solve, enjoy nice weather, and grow flowers, fruits, and vegetables.”

    The Boyce Middle library also offers a Chess Club and Lunch in the Library. According to Dr. O’Rourke, plans are underway to offer several other clubs for students – in addition to the library clubs – in the near future.

    During Pride Time, which is scheduled near the end of each school day, students have approximately 30 minutes to work in the courtyard.

    “I typically teach the kids a gardening skill and then they apply the skill in the courtyard,” Mrs. Olsen said. “So far, the students have successfully weeded the courtyard, filled eight raised beds with soil, planted kale and radishes, and they are currently planting daffodil, tulip and allium bulbs that will bloom in the spring.”

    The Courtyard Crew is providing Boyce students with opportunities to learn about plant life and to gain important experiences in team work and collaboration.

    “Personally, I hope this experience inspires a love for gardening and teaches the students practical skills that they can use throughout their lives to make the world a more beautiful place,” Mrs. Olsen added.

    The Courtyard Crew is currently accepting community donations of unwanted perennial plants to add to the courtyard.

    “If anyone would like to send in their perennial divisions, extra bulbs or propagations we will happily add those to our space,” Mrs. Olsen said. “We have big plans for the spring!”

    To coordinate a donation, contact Mrs. Olsen at molsen@uscsd.k12.pa.us.