• Sept. 28, 2023

    USCHS students sign-up for 100+ clubs

    Speech & DebateUpper St. Clair High School hosted its annual RUSH event during lunch periods on Thursday, Sept. 21, 2023. The event serves as a recruitment fair for the school’s more than 100 clubs and activities.

    This year’s event was coordinated by senior Reilly Caslin, student council vice-president and chairperson of the club committee.

    “The goal of RUSH is for club leaders to advertise their clubs to freshmen and the rest of the student body, giving everybody a chance to join as many clubs as they’d like and an opportunity to get more involved in the USCHS community,” Reilly said. “We have over 100 clubs at USCHS. Students have a variety of interests, and we believe it is important for there to be a club for everyone.”

    Booths, staffed by club representatives, lined the perimeter of the large gymnasium. Students had the opportunity to talk with club members and sign up to join one or more clubs.

    “Clubs are a great way to meet new people and explore new or current passions,” Reilly said. “Clubs help students find others who share the same interests as them!”

    Clubs cover a range of interests including the fine and performing arts, sports, friendship/acceptance, science, technology, robotics, politics, language and culture, hobbies, future professions, and community service. Although the school offers a wide variety of clubs that cover numerous hobbies, interests and talents, it’s never too late for students to establish a new club. The process begins with completing a club interest form and finding a staff member to serve as sponsor.

    “The student council club committee plans a time to meet with the student, where they present the committee with a slideshow explaining club details like the mission of the club, who sponsors it, what meetings would be like, how often they would meet, etc.,” Reilly explained. “The club committee votes and then, if passed, the club is officially added to the USCHS list of clubs!”

    The high school’s clubs, as well as student council, are part of the Upper St. Clair High School activities office, which is led by Mrs. Brooke Tarcson and Dr. Steve Torquato.