• May 10, 2023

    Student poems selected for publication

    Fort Couch poetsPoems by three Fort Couch Middle School students have been selected for publication. Seventh graders Jillian Torres, Anna Barefoot and Kayden Dunkin entered their poems in the spring poetry contest, sponsored by Creative Communication.

    "Sunflowers in Summer," by Jillian; “Response to Madam and The Rent Man” by Anna; and “Friend,” by Kayden will be included in the anthology, “A Celebration of Poets.”

    The poetry contest is open to students in kindergarten through grade 9. Students compete within three grade divisions – K-grade 3, grades 4-6, and grades 7-9. Poems must be 21 lines or less on any topic. The top 45-55% are published.

    According to the program’s website, “We take pride in the fact that we are selective with our entries. We reject more entries than we accept to be published. Our objective is to make it an honor to be selected for the anthology.”

    Learn more about Creative Communications online: https://www.poeticpower.com/students.

    Response to Madam and The Rent Man

    ~ Anna Barefoot, grade 7

    I walked up to the next lady's door
    I sighed in disappointment
    As I had to hand her the bill

    The lady was poor
    for I had already knocked on the door

    She said "what can I do for you"
    as she was putting on ointment

    I said you need to pay this rent
    "But this place is a dent"

    I understand Ma'am
    but the land lord is a scam

    "Listen young boy"

    "This place is a dump
    There is no water to run
    All I have is a stump
    and this is all a pun!"

    Sunflowers in summer

    ~ Jillian Torres, grade 7

    Oh how I love you sunflowers in summer
    When you leave it's such a bummer
    You brighten the mood in a quick beat
    The feeling you give me I cannot repeat
    You are like sunshine on a rainy day
    You make me feel some kind of way
    When you bloom I know where I will be
    Right next to you and you next to me
    There are fields waiting for you
    My mood with you is never blue
    You always calm me down
    I love you so much you make me loud
    Oh how I love you sunflowers in the summer


    ~ Kayden Dunkin, grade 7

    At the age of three
    I was diagnosed with CMT.
    A disease that made me unable to walk.
    It has never prevented me from being able to talk.

    Not being able to play soccer or ride a bike
    Not being able to kick a spike.

    Feeling left out all the time
    I give up trying overtime.

    Then about three years ago
    Three friends made my happiness overflow.
    They helped me find my rainbow.
    And finally, my sadness let go
    Friends are here, friends are there,
    And friends are everywhere.

    ''I'm unique'' I say out loud
    And I could not ever be more proud."

    I am me you are you
    I can do everything you can do.