• April 28, 2023

    Photo Gallery: Earth Day event distributes 54 trees

    Tree plantingThe Upper St. Clair High School Environmental Club distributed 54 tree saplings through its Tree-Plenish initiative on Earth Day – Saturday, April 22, 2023.

    Organized by club leaders Noa Shimshi, Harini Sakthivel and Theeya Chen, approximately 20 student volunteers planted trees throughout the community. Club sponsor and high school librarian, Janine Despines, along with volunteer John Despines coordinated pick-up orders at the high school. 

    The Environmental Club donated five trees to the school district – planting three at Eisenhower Elementary School and one at Baker Elementary School. The final tree was planted at Streams Elementary School by Anne-Marie Ganster’s IB French 5 and Honors French 5 classes as part of their environmental unit.

    Dan Snyder, assistant director of facilities, was instrumental in coordinating the event and providing necessary equipment and tools. Custodians Tim Briggs and Scott Rodgers were on hand during the day to help volunteers at the elementary schools.