• Tile Wall

    Have you ever noticed the bright and creative tiles in the Baker front entrance area that welcome everyone into the building?

    Baker 3rd Graders have the opportunity to have a tile on the wall with their classmates for their final year at Baker!

    • All 3rd graders were sent home with one piece of 8’ x 8’ art paper in a clear sleeve.
    • If choosing to participate, students should create an original piece of art to be transferred to tile and installed on a wall in Baker. Please see below for instructions and tips.
    • Artwork papers must be re-inserted into the clear sleeve and dropped off in the designated box in the Baker Office no later than Tuesday, April 11th.
    • Please do not bend the art paper in the sleeve! Please write your child’s name and indicate the top with a "T" on the back side of the paper in pencil only.
    • The cost of each tile is $9.60 + processing fee = $10.44 total to participate. Baker PTA is paying for the installation of the tiles.

    Art InstructionsArt Tips