CLICK HERE TO PAY ==>  Givebacks (memberhub.com)

    Did you pay your PTA activity / membership fee yet?   It's just $15 for the whole family (e.g. both parents)! 

    No certain volunteer requirements -- be as involved as you want!

    In order to gain access to the online school directory, families must complete the directory verification process AND have paid a 2023-24 PTA fee at one of the district's buildings.   We hope you will support Baker by paying our PTA fee!

    The PTA membership/activity fees and other fundraisers help pay for:

    1. Field Trips
    2. Grade level activities
    3. Classroom Harvest and Winter parties
    4. Field Day
    5. New Playground
    6. Library Reading Corner and Flexible Seating
    7. Staff/Teacher Appreciation
    8. Baker Beautification
    9. Headphones for students

    And a host of other events and needs of the school.

    If you would like to also make a general donation to the PTA, you can do so by submitting a check to the Treasurer made out to "Baker PTA", or by visiting our online store here