• Feb. 8, 2023

    Changes to ingredients | Sesame Flour

    Sesame alertKlosterman Baking Company and Rich’s Corporation, two of the companies that provide some of the district’s bread, bun and pizza dough products, recently changed their recipes to include sesame flour. This impacts buns at all schools as well as pizza and pepperoni rolls at the middle and high schools.

    At this time, the ONLY bread that does not include sesame is the Pullman sliced bread loaf, commonly used in our nutrition centers for grilled cheese and sunbutter & jelly sandwiches. Mm Mm Pizza, which is served at the middle schools and high school once per week, is also free from sesame flour. At this time, pizza at the elementary school, which is provided through Big Daddy's Pizza, continues to be sesame-free.
    Our food service team is working to identify sesame-free products. In the meantime, for those with sesame allergies, our cafeteria staff can substitute the buns with the sesame-free sliced bread.
    Please contact Ashley Lindhurst, director of food services, with any questions or concerns, alindhurst@uscsd.k12.pa.us or via phone at 412-833-1600 ext. 2287.

    Ashley Lindhurst, MBA | Aramark Student Nutrition 
    Director of Food Services
    Upper St. Clair School District
    412-833-1600 ext. 2287