• Threat Assessment Team

    The Upper St. Clair School District complies with all Threat Assessment Team requirements under Act 55 of 2022. All school buildings within the Upper St. Clair School District have threat assessment teams composed of, but not limited to, the following District employees: principal, school counselors, school psychologist, school police officer, and additional members, as needed. Building level teams report to the District level team, which includes District Central Office administrators and Student Support Services staff. All team members have received training on the process of identifying, reporting, assessing, responding to and intervening with threats by utilizing the threat assessment process and protocols.

    The School Safety and Security Coordinator has been identified as the Chief of School Police. The Coordinator and Director of Pupil Services oversee the training, development, and implementation of Threat Assessment and School Safety programming. Annually, staff is provided with information on how to report a threat, report student at-risk behavior, and how to conduct safety and security drills. Student information reviewed and maintained by the Threat Assessment Teams is confidential.