• Why should you join Baker PTA?

    In short, because the Baker PTA annually funds all sorts of activities and items that benefit your student(s) directly.    Baker PTA provides funding for each field trip taken by Baker students throughout the school year, any all-school assemblies, all grade-level social activities, individual classroom parties, new headphones for students each year, new student planners for 3rd and 4th graders each year, and other special items that may come up.

    For just $15 this year, you will help us provide these activities and items to the students. 

    In order to gain access to the new USC School District Family Directory (to be accessible sometime in October after all the new data is uploaded), you will be required to have paid a PTA membership fee for the year. 

    To those who may ask:  "But, do I have to volunteer my time and attend a bunch of meetings?  I work full-time and don't have time for volunteering right now".

    Our answer:   You can be as involved as you want!   There are no certain volunteer or time commitments required.

    We sincerely appreciate your time and consideration.   To pay your Baker PTA membership fee ($15), please visit:   https://uscbakerelementary.memberhub.com/store

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!   Thank you again!

    Kelly Meyers (ptapresident.baker@gmail.com)