• July 26, 2022

    STEAM TEAM Investigates Kennywood 2022

    STEAM CampUpper St. Clair School District hosted its annual STEAM TEAM camp from July 18 through July 22 at Baker Elementary. Approximately 100 students in kindergarten through grade 4 from Baker, Eisenhower and Streams elementary schools participated in the week-long adventure.

    The STEAM TEAM campers spent the week learning about the science behind an amusement park. The Carnegie Science Center kicked off the week-long camp with a program called, “Who wants to be an engineer?” Throughout the week, students used the Engineering Design Process to create a Log Jammer raft, a rollercoaster, and a solar oven. The junior engineers also participated in many daily team challenges that required collaboration, creativity and perseverance. The highlight of the week was Thursday's trip to Kennywood Park. The week concluded with a forensics challenge to solve the kidnapping of Kennywood's mascot, Kenny the Kangaroo.

    A special thanks to Ardolino's Pizza for their donation of boxes for our solar ovens; Eaton Electric for our guest speakers; and USC Police Officer Eric, School Police Chief Bryson and Stream's Principal Dr. Klousnitzer for helping to solve our kidnapping mystery.