• June 16, 2022

    Pen pal project connects USC and Bethel Park third graders

    Baker Pen PalsThird graders from Upper St. Clair’s Baker Elementary and Bethel Park’s Ben Franklin Elementary teamed up as pen pals for the spring. It all started when Pam Dillie’s reading class read the novel, “The Silver Balloon” by Susan Bonners. The story tells a tale of how a helium balloon can lead to unexpected friendships. 

    Baker’s school counselor, Kristen Rose, has a third-grade student at Bethel Park and was able to connect the two classrooms. Mrs. Rose reached out to her daughter Vivienne’s teacher, Mrs. Laura Glomb, who was just as excited to join in on the fun and the unexpected adventure began. 

    Students passed letters back and forth for months with Vivienne serving as mail carrier. Periodically, they would share clues about books they were reading and at times even small gifts. The Baker third graders even surprised their pen pals on April Fools’ Day with a bakery box of BROWN-Es!

    On June 10, the students met in person for the first time at an end of the year celebration at Wiltshire Park. They enjoyed ice cream and signed beach balls to wish each other a fun-filled summer.