• Streams First Grade Neighborhood

    May 19, 2022

    First graders program robots to navigate 3-D neighborhood

    Streams First Grade neighborhoodStreams Elementary first graders recently combined their skills in coding and mapping to “drive” Bee-Bot robots around their student-designed 3-D neighborhood.

    Students recently completed a geography unit that focused on maps and globes. They learned to identify and use cardinal directions to find places on a map, how to identify and use addresses, recognize map symbols and use them to interpret a map, and recognize and use routes on a map. 

    “Most importantly, our first graders developed an understanding that each of them has an important place in our world,” Dr. Lindsay Klousnitzer, Streams Elementary principal, said.

    To demonstrate their mapping skills and knowledge, first graders collaborated to create a classroom 3-D representation of a neighborhood. Complete with a Giant Eagle, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, a hospital, houses, roads and trees, the neighborhood also includes important signs and symbols, including street names, house numbers and other important directional signage.

    As part of the library curriculum, Streams students are introduced to coding through the use of Bee-Bots, a robot that is used to teach sequencing, estimation and problem-solving. To celebrate their coding skills, first graders used Bee-Bots to “drive” around their 3D neighborhood. 

    “The directional aspect of coding the Bee-Bots made for a perfect collaboration with our first graders map skills,” Stephanie Kellner, Streams librarian said. “They proudly shared their learning with their families at STAR Night, creating a special memory to remind our students that ‘It is always a beautiful day in our first-grade neighborhood.’”