• May 19, 2022

    National Honor Society inducts 199 new members

    National Honor SocietyThe Upper St. Clair High School chapter of the National Honor Society inducted 199 new members during its annual induction ceremony on Wednesday, May 18, 2022, in the high school’s theater.

    Inductees include: Eleanor Alford, Nicholas Amatangelo, Delaney Andrejcik, Savera Baloch, Mark Banbury, Aashna Banerjee, Michael Barbarita, Emily Barrie , Mariyam Baytar, Kaitlyn Beerel, Troy Belback, Vanessa Benonis, Colby Bernard, Aidan Besselman, Sahil Bhalodia, Mia Brown, Addison Burnette, Ryley Carness, Laney Casares, Rachale Caskey, Benjamin Cedar, Nitin Chandran, Tyler Chojnicki, Carter Chui, Aidan Conn, Virginia Cortese, Olivia Cuba, Owen Damon, Olivia Decker, Paige DelliCarri, Christopher Devlin, Jasmine Dietiker, John Dietrick, Shree Diora, Alessandra DiPiazza, Maggie Dowds, Alexandra Duda, Matthew Earley, Hannah Eberle, Colin Eccher, Zachary Ehasz, Ella Elkoni, Javin Faisant, Ava Fazio, Marcus Fennell, Katie Fiori, Jillian Fishell, Kara Fisher, Jackson Fitzgerald, Keira Fortunato, Baden Friday, Macie Fultineer, Olivia Fulton, George Garces, John Gardner, Lily Gessel, Peyton Gillespie, Blaire Gillespie, David Goldberg, Noah Gordley, Ansh Goyal, Evan Grady, Gordon Groninger, Kevin Guidas, Damodara Gummadi, Marina Gzikowski, Hayden Haerr, Christopher Hall, Leah Henning, William Hetz, Ryan Higgs, Anthony Ho, Elle Hobbs, Jackson Howe, Matthew Hrehocik, Jacob Hufnagel, Morgan Huzjak, Connor Hyatt, Sia Iyer, Markella Jahn, Peter Janoski, Maddy John, Cassidy Jordan, Maura Joyce, Bryn Junko, Julia Kania, Andrew Kanj, Ava Keating, Grace Kelly, Kyle Kerber, Raniya Kethavath, Peer Khan, Daniel Khani, Tyler Kiester, Eunchae Kim, William King, Taryn Kurzawa, Ty Lagoni, Cole Lang, Rebecca Lang, Mary LaPorte, Mansi Lathia, Brady Lisak, Xiaochang (Chelsea) Liu, Claire Loomis, Jason Lu, Brayden Lucas, Kayla Lumish, Tom Lynch, Owen Mandler, Jenna Mantel, Aadi Markose, Phillip Markovitz, Cody Marn, John Marsh, Bobby Mayberry, Maxwell Mayfield, Carter McClintock-Comeaux, Edythe McCurrie, Anna McElligott, Colin McFeeley, Reagan McGregor, Jack McNamara, John McShane, Jose E Mendez Fuentes, Bailey Michalak, Jack Miller, Quinton Miller, Nikhil Misra, Camila Montoya Posada, Kylie Mosler, Keshav Narasimhan, Chase Neponuceno, Priyanka Palayekar, Eesha Pande, Ava Pasquini, Kaylee Paulick, Sarah Peracha, Alexander Petkov, Andrew Popp, Ava Pries, Samantha Prunzik, Dani Prunzik, Mariah Rainier, Gianna Rainone, Srinidhi Rajaganapathy, Rosemary Ramirez, Maanasa Reddy, Naomi Richardson, Elizabeth Ripley, Katelyn Robbins, Sarah Robert, Susan Robinson, Lindsay Ross, Sydney Rozzo, Colin Ruffner, Jocie Rullo, Benjamin Rush, Evan Sarkett, Ashvita Saxena, John Scherer, Wolfram Schmidt, Derek Schuster, Josilyn Seftchick, Yishai Selig, Sophia Song, Tim Speer, Neha Sriram, Michael Stalder, Lauren Starr, Aaron Stawiarski, Maggie Stief, Charles Stohl, Dimitri Suher, Nicholas Sukernek, Cole Super, Philip Tanner, Lucas Tranquilli, Ben Tucker, Elisa Tucker, Yoshna Venkataraman, Lucy Volpatt, Noah Wagner, Daniel Wang, Drake Wangler, Ben Wasson, Cameron Weber, Abigail Weber, Kevin Wehrle, Christian Wieczenski, Dakota Worstell, Andrew Xu, Landon York, Daniel Young, Yasmeen Zalloum, Elizabeth Zavadil, Abby Zediker, Henry Zheng and Matvey Zoukovski.

    At 199, this is the highest number of inductees in the school’s recent history. In a typical year, 45 percent of Upper St. Clair juniors are inducted into the National Honor Society; this year that number soared to 60 percent.

    “This induction class is not the norm,” Dr. John Rozzo, superintendent of schools, said. “The opportunity to recognize and celebrate 60 percent of our juniors earning membership in the National Honor Society is truly remarkable.”

    Upper St. Clair High School Principal Dr. Timothy Wagner challenged the inductees to think about the future and what they might accomplish and contribute as they approach their senior year at Upper St. Clair.

    “Our school district firmly believes that: Who you are is how you lead. I contend that who you are is how you lead, how you serve, and how you learn, as well,” Dr. Wagner said. “This evening I ask you to consider what this night really represents. It isn’t just about belonging to a prestigious society, it is also about being a person of character. And if character is the foundation for our leading, our learning, and our serving, my question to you is: What’s next?  What are you going to do from this important moment into the future?”

    The Upper St. Clair Chapter selects members in the second semester of the students’ junior year, so that the members can provide services to the school during the members’ senior year. Juniors who have attained an unweighted grade point average of 3.5 or above have satisfied the requirement for scholarship and have the opportunity to apply for membership in National Honor Society. The process then requires candidates to articulate how they meet the criteria of leadership, service and character. 

    Social studies teacher Dr. Steve Torquato serves as the faculty advisor for the National Honor Society at Upper St. Clair High School. Officers for 2021-22 include Dev Patel, president; Shane Williams, vice-president; Andrew Rosello, treasurer; and Andrew White, secretary.

    The National Honor Society is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, National Honor Society serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service and character. These traits have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in 1921.

    Learn more about National Honor Society at USC