• May 9, 2022

    Honors awarded for Arts in USC contest

    Arts In USCSeveral students earned first, second and third place honors in the 2021-22 Arts in USC contest, sponsored by Upper St. Clair Parent Teacher Council. The following students and their artwork were recognized:

    1st Place: Ellie Krygowski, Eisenhower Elementary
    2nd Place: Shlok Dhopare, Streams Elementary
    3rd Place: Donald Jones, Baker Elementary

    First Grade
    1st Place: Anastasia Elhajj, Baker Elementary
    2nd Place: Ditya Makhija, Eisenhower Elementary
    3rd Place: Om Sharma, Streams Elementary

    Second Grade
    1st Place: Shan Odari, Baker Elementary
    2nd Place: Roman Ward, Eisenhower Elementary
    3rd Place: Alivia Rush, Streams Elementary

    Third Grade
    1st Place: Sarah Sakowitz, Streams Elementary
    2nd Place: Allison Marie Irvine, Baker Elementary
    3rd Place: Lynna Thomson, Eisenhower Elementary

    Fourth Grade
    1st Place: Durga Binoj, Streams Elementary
    2nd Place: Lauren Joyce, Eisenhower Elementary
    3rd Place: Madison Greenwald, Baker Elementary

    Fifth Grade
    1st Place: Divya Singh, Boyce Middle School
    2nd Place: Isabella Liu, Boyce Middle School
    2nd Place: Anvi Vaishya, Boyce Middle School
    3rd Place: Rihaj Odari, Boyce Middle School

    Sixth Grade
    1st Place: Iris Wang, Boyce Middle School
    2nd Place: Bella Uffelman, Boyce Middle School
    3rd Place: Maddie Brunner, Boyce Middle School

    Seventh Grade
    1st Place: Jhivyasaili Sahu, Fort Couch Middle School
    2nd Place: Sophia Henderson, Fort Couch Middle School
    3rd Place: Gloria Wu, Fort Couch Middle School

    Eighth Grade
    1st Place: Tanvi Kallur, Fort Couch Middle School
    2nd Place: Ojasi Madhekar, Fort Couch Middle School
    3rd Place: Tanvi Kallur, Fort Couch Middle School

    Nearly 250 students in kindergarten through grade eight participated in the annual contest. With the theme, “A Salute to Animals,” students were encouraged to create an original two-dimensional piece of art. All submissions can be viewed on the PTC’s webpage.

    The mission of the Arts in USC contest is to bring opportunities of artistic expression to all students in kindergarten through grade 12, while making it possible for students to have a contest experience. Kindergarten through eighth grade students have the opportunity to submit artwork to this in-house competition, which is judged at each grade level within each school. First place artwork for each elementary grade advances to district-wide judging.

    For more information, please email artsinusc@gmail.com.