• April 7, 2022

    Students excel in math

    Math LeagueUpper St. Clair students in grades five through 12 earned high marks in the recent Pennsylvania Mathematics League contest.

    Boyce Middle School students placed second among the 55 participating schools in Pennsylvania and first among schools in the four-county region that includes Allegheny, Butler, Cambria and Washington counties. Of the top four individual scores in the region, four were earned by Boyce students.

    Among the top 35 scores earned at the sixth-grade level, 10 are Boyce students, four of whom are fifth graders. Top scorers for Boyce include sixth graders John Whitman, Alan Anderson, Nathan Del, Joey Wyse, Aaron Jiang and Ahana Mendhi, as well as fifth graders Lyman Thomson, Seth Pedretti, Bernard Huang and Max Reyes.

    Fort Couch Middle School eighth graders placed second among 40 schools in Pennsylvania and first in the four-county region. Of the top eight individual scores, four are represented by Fort Couch students.

    Five Fort Couch eighth graders rank among Pennsylvania’s top 37 scores including Sara Gillespie, Sofia Alfredson Themudo, Tony Chen, Kaia Petrick and Luke An.

    Fort Couch seventh graders placed 11th among the 38 participating schools in Pennsylvania and fourth in the four-county region. Among Pennsylvania’s top 34 scores were Fort Couch seventh graders Jonah Zahalsky and Lizzie Myers.

    Middle school students were given 30 minutes to solve 35 questions – ranging from simple and straightforward to complex math problems. The school’s team score – comprised of the school’s top five scores – is reported to the PML.

    At the high school level, PML consists of six contests each year, administered once a month (October through March) with six questions per contest. Problems draw from a wide range of high school topics, including geometry, algebra, trigonometry, logarithms, series, sequences, exponents, roots, integers, real numbers, combinations, probability, and coordinate geometry. Each six-question contest has a 30-minute time limit. The last two questions on each contest are more difficult than the first four, with the final question being intended to challenge the very best mathematics students.

    Upper St. Clair High School was the second highest scoring school among the 13 participating high schools in Allegheny County and placed fourth among the 96 participating schools in Pennsylvania. Jason Lu, Carter McClintock-Comeaux, Alex Sun, Sophie Chen and Yuhong Shi were recognized as high scoring students in the commonwealth.

    The PML specializes in conducting math contests designed to stimulate student interest and confidence in mathematics.