• Dec. 3, 2021

    6th grader wins math competition with perfect score

    John WhitmanA Boyce Middle School student placed first in the annual CalcuSolve competition for grades 5-6. Sixth grader John Whitman was the only participant among approximately 350 students to achieve a perfect score. The online event was held Nov. 18, 2021.

    In total, 12 Boyce Middle School students participated in the math competition, six of whom earned top scores. Two Boyce students – Felix Chen and Joey Wyse – were among the nine students who tied for second place. Three Boyce students were among the 25 who tied for third place – Aaron Jiang, Cynthia Shen and Raana Parchuri.

    In team competition, the Boyce team of John Whitman, Hope Waldron, Lyman Thomson, and Aaron Jiang earned second place honors. Ninety-seven teams of up to four students competed in the annual math competition.

    The competition was comprised of two 10-point team questions and seven 5-point individual questions. Skills and knowledge needed involved geometry, probability, measures of central tendency, ratios and proportions, divisibility and number patterns.

    The CalcuSolve event, sponsored by the II-VI Foundation and organized by the Allegheny Intermediate Unit, was open to fifth and sixth graders throughout Allegheny County.