• May 26, 2021

    188 inducted to National Honor Society

    National Honor SocietyThe Upper St. Clair High School chapter of the National Honor Society inducted 188 new members during its annual induction ceremony on Tuesday, May 25, 2021. To comply with the district’s Health & Safety Plan, the event was held in the high school stadium.

    Inductees include: Rumaysa Alam, Eddie Albert, Joseph Altvater, Sydney Angel, Mikaela Artnak, George Atencio, William Bacdayan, Evan Barker, Michael Barsotti, Brady Bartusiak, Greyson Bayer, Jacklyn Bell, Roehl Benedicto, Jack Berger, Ileana Berkoski, Jacob Bernstein, Ella Blough, Bridget Boal, Ben Bordenstein, Max Brauer, Ariana Braughler, Skyler Bruno, Bear Bottonari, Maya Burlingame, Vladislav Bykov, Mateo Cepullio, Phoebe Chen, Sophie Chen, Alyana Childs, Jessica Christensen, Sarah Christensen, Teaghan Ciesco, Kate Clark, William Closser, Kaitlyn Clougherty, Paige Copenhaver, Marley Crochier, Varun Damarla, Anthony Denoon, Micayla Densmore, Nick DeRubeis, Anurag Dey, Kara DiPasquale, Mackenzie Dupre, Saif Durrani, Zoe Dvorin, Charles Eberle, Ashley Eichberg, Anya Ekbote, Michael Fera, Rachel Fibbi, Ally Fishell, Jake Fisher, Linus Friedman, Nathan Garrett, Carter Gerlach, Kathleen Gianni, Natalie Gilbert, Shreya Golakiya, Joseph Goldstein, Juliana Gray, Keelyn Hamm, Andrew Happ, Hannah Hardy, John Hertzog, Anna Hess, Grace Hetz, Allen Ho, Patrick Hynds, Nicholas Ioli, Shivani Jajoo, Molly James, Hannah James, Bailey Janz, Cole Jooste, Prapti Kanani, John Kane, Jordana Kennedy, Ammar Kethavath, Sanjana Khedikar, Katie Kobeski, Hope Krawczyk, Sarina Krishnaswamy, Rushikesh Kulkarni, Lauren Kweder, Arika LaGoy, Esha Lahoti, Trevor Lamb, Aubrey Lang, Anderson Laudares, Lily Leggat, Alex LeKachman, Jack Loomis, Maggie Lowden, Leah Lund, Lilly Lund, Eden Ma, Naftali MacIsaac, Mia Mackovich, Molly Maher, Phillip Majkic, Marina Makoul, Briella Mammana, Isabella Marasco, Catalina Marchando, David Marsh, Jaclyn Martinelli, Courtney McCardle, Carmella McNally, Caroline Michalski, Andrew Miller, Luka Misic, Felipe Mola Curi, Kaelyn Moran, Saundra Munsick, Trinity Murphy, Daniel Murphy, Matthew Naumann, Ethan Neal, Haley Newton, Tanner O’Grady, Connor O’Neill, Dev Patel, Daniel Paulick, Erin Payne, Michael Pellicci, Victoria Pete, Joseph Phillips, Noelle Pirain, Serena Ploeger, Sarah Potter, Rhea Punjabi, Henry Rainone, Eva Rankin, Sriya Rayapureddy, Shana Reddy, Emma Redlinger, Joe Reeder, Hannah Rieger, Ethan Rocks, Julia Roeschenthaler, Andrew Rosello, Sambhav Saggi, Samuel Scalzo, Natalie Scott, Victoria Semenov, Ryan Senchyshak, Vidhur Senthil, Aiden Shaffer, Sujay Shah, Ritvik Shah, Sohum Shankar, Jack Shearer, Nikhil Shetty, Colton Shiry, RJ Shontz, Zachary Sileo, Ganesh Sivaramakrishnan, Laurel Sjoberg, Mia Skeel, Victoria Slagle, Stephanie Spina, Nivedha Suresh, Jeet Sutreja, Lily Tarcson, Evan Tefft, Alexander Teresi, Aditri Thakur, Sammy Tindale, Madeline Tomsheck, Hersh Tripathi, Arunprakash Vasudevan, Judy Wang, Fiona Wang, Daniel Wang, Danielle Wenk, Madeleine Wetzel, Andrew White, Shane Williams, Sydney Woomer, Kendall Wright, Isaac Yap, Brooke Yates, Isabelle Yoos, Eliana Zahalsky, Bria Zegarelli, Adam Zheng and Shanning Zhou.

    The National Honor Society is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, National Honor Society serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service and character. These traits have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in 1921.

    Upper St. Clair High School Principal Timothy Wagner reminded students that National Honor Society induction takes much more than just earning good grades.

    “Although it is common to associate academic achievement with the National Honor Society, it is really your achievements in the areas of leadership, character, service, and scholarship that are being honored here tonight by your induction into this prestigious society,” Dr. Wagner said. “Tonight, we celebrate your hard work; your dedication; your discipline; your selflessness; your honor, and your achievement. This is an important moment - worthy of recognition and celebration.”

    Dr. John Rozzo, superintendent of schools, expressed his pride to the high school’s newest inductees as they were able to persevere despite the challenges of a global pandemic.

    “Each of you and your families have likely been faced with a number of challenges throughout the last 15 months. Whether personal, health, academic, social, or financial…we have all been impacted in some way by this pandemic. Yet, here you are….among our finest in leadership, scholarship, character and service,” he said. “As our future leaders, your ability to thrive during such unique and uncertain times, gives me great pride, confidence and optimism. The world needs more leaders, like you, who exemplify the pillars of National Honor Society.”

    Science teacher Laura Carlino serves as the faculty advisor for the National Honor Society at Upper St. Clair High School. Officers for 2020-21 include Sammie Seewald, president; Topher Bishop, vice-president; Drew Levy, treasurer; and Bryce Keating, secretary.

    The Upper St. Clair Chapter selects members in the second semester of the students’ junior year, so that the members can provide services to the school during the members’ senior year. Juniors who have attained an unweighted grade point average of 3.5 or above have satisfied the requirement for scholarship and have the opportunity to apply for membership in National Honor Society. The process then requires candidates to articulate how they meet the criteria of leadership, service and character. 

    Learn more about National Honor Society at USC