• Feb. 26, 2021

    School Bus Driver Appreciation

    School bus drivers celebrated

    Thank you notes The students and staff at Upper St. Clair High School demonstrated their gratitude and admiration for the district’s bus drivers on Friday, Feb. 26, in recognition of School Bus Driver Appreciation Day.

    “I hope that this brightens the bus drivers' days and serves as a reminder of the appreciation that we have for them,” Kathleen Gianni, a junior and member of Student Council, said. “After everything that the bus drivers do for us, the least we can do is show our thanks and, hopefully, put a smile on their face.”

    Organized by Upper St. Clair High School Student Council, letters of appreciation were collected from students, teachers, staff and administrators. Upon their arrival, each bus driver received approximately 20 letters along with individually wrapped baked goods.

    “Student council recognizes that there are a multitude of people that work extremely hard to help keep our school functioning,” Tori Slagle, a junior and member of Student Council, said. “We appreciate all their hard work, and we felt it was finally the time we showed them.”

    Members of the school community lined the sidewalk at dismissal to cheer for the bus drivers as they left campus.

    “Events like this are important because we are one, big Panther Family here at the high school,” Stephanie Spina, junior and member of Student Council, said. “Despite our different roles and responsibilities, we all affect each other's day in one shape or another. By showing that we appreciate all groups in our school, we emphasize that everyone is important and that everyone matters. That is an important message to get across when it comes to advancing our school culture.”

    In addition to planning and promoting student-centered activities and events, Student Council has made rallying and supporting staff members a priority. In October, Student Council surprised the school’s custodial staff with an appreciation luncheon. Students celebrated School Principal Week with thank you letters to each of the three building administrators. As a token of appreciation, students surprised their teachers with notes and signs of thanks during their remote classes in December. In addition, plans are underway to recognize the school’s nutrition center staff this spring.

    Junior Class President RJ Shontz credits Student Council’s mission statement – Unite Voices, Serve the Community, and Commit to Progress – as the impetus for their work, including School Bus Driver Appreciation Day.

    “All of our council's initiatives work toward accomplishing this goal,” RJ said. “We want our community to know we value all new ideas and feedback.”

    RJ encourages students and other members of the school community to reach out via email to Brooke Tarcson, activities coordinator and Student Council sponsor, at btarcson@uscsd.k12.pa.us or to Student Council President Constantine Tripodes at tripodesc@uscstudents.org.

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