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    Reading Resource Classes Practice your reading skills by selecting 20 minutes worth of activities below.  Have fun reading! =)


    Kindergarten - Grade 4

    Read for 20 minutes.  


    Kindergarten - Grade 2

    Practice activities in your reading bag.  You can play any games or reread any books to practice your reading fluency.



    Letter Card Options:

    1. Go through the names and sounds of these letters. 

    2. Match the capital to lowercase letter cards. 

    3. Trace each letter as you go through the names.  

    4. Identify each letter and an object that starts with that letter sound.  (Ex: B, /b/, bear)


    First and Second Grade

    Sight Word Phrase Cards: Fast Phrases

    Grab your sight word phrases from your reading bag.  This game involves a timer, but it is meant to be fun.  The goal is to try to improve a little at a time, so just do your best to see if you can increase your score.  =) You’ve got this, Readers! 

    1. Place the set of phrase cards down in a stack and a timer at the center of your work space.  Get your phrases per minute card ready.
    2. Set a timer for one minute and turn the phrase cards over one at a time.  If they are available, a parent can do this step for you.
    3. Read the phrases as quickly as possible, turning over a new card after you read each phrase.  
    4. If you read all of the words on the phrase card correctly, put it in the “yes” pile.  If one or more words are read incorrectly, put it in the “no” pile.  
    5. Continue the activity until the timer rings.  Count the phrase cards in the “yes” pile and record the number on the phrase cards correct per minute on your paper.  Read phrases in the “no” pile together with a parent.
    6. Repeat the activity at least 2 more times, attempting to increase speed and accuracy.
    7. You are working hard to practice your reading skills!  Be proud! 


    Kindergarten - Second Grade

    Nonsense Word Fluency Practice - Click here to practice decoding unknown words. 


    Kindgarten - Second Grade 

    Practice reading your sight words. 


    Kindergarten - 4th Grade 

    Visit EPIC and reading some books that interest you.  My class code is: mbq1959  

    1st - 4th Grade

    Visit RAZ Kids to check out some books.

    Kindergarten - 4th Grade: Visit my resources page here for more options! 


    1st Grade Math Enrichment - Complete the next page in your problem solving journal.


    Google Meet Check in Time Options

    Please visit me if you have any questions about the assignments listed above.  =)

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