• Health Office Operations

    school nurse The health offices will have two designated areas for students: one area for those who need to see the nurse for non-illness related reasons such as daily medication administration, procedures, and first aid care; and one area for those who have illness symptoms. 

    Any student who enters the health office with illness complaints will be screened using a COVID-19 screener from the Pennsylvania Department of Health. After the assessment, if the student has symptoms of COVID-19 with no other underlying cause, the student will be isolated and sent home immediately. Parents and caregivers should pick up students as quickly as possible, but always within 60 minutes from the time the health office contacts home. 

    Before a student can return back to school after being sent home, the school nurse must be contacted to complete return to school procedures, including documentation from a medical provider of an alternate diagnosis and/or documentation of improvement in symptoms. If your child is diagnosed with COVID-19, we kindly request you call the health office immediately so our school health staff can monitor any close contacts and communicate with the Allegheny County Health Department about needed next steps.  

    If you need to keep your child home from school due to illness, please call the health office. If you keep your child home for other reasons, please contact your school counselor. This is to allow the school to keep a close eye on the physical and emotional health of our students. We ask you to do this, even on remote learning days.

    Contact your school nurse