• (updated March 15, 2021)

    Daily Health Check

    Daily Health Check Before a student boards the school bus or is dropped off at school, the parent/caregiver at home must conduct a daily health check, which will evaluate the student for any symptoms of or exposure to COVID-19.

    Using this brief set of questions, and after taking your child’s temperature, please assess your child’s health for readiness to attend school.

    Under the following conditions, your child should stay home and you should contact the school nurse immediately:

    • Your child is symptomatic
    • Your child – or any member of your household – is awaiting COVID-19 test results
    • Your child has been identified as a close contact and is ordered to quarantine
    • Your child has tested positive for COVID-19

    If there is a situation and you are unsure as to whether your child should stay home, please contact your school nurse for guidance.

    School Nurse Contact Information