• June 3, 2020

    172 inducted to National Honor Society

    National Honor Society The Upper St. Clair High School chapter of the National Honor Society inducted 172 new members during its annual induction ceremony on June 2, 2020. The event was held virtually due to the extended school closure caused by COVID-19.

    Watch the video:  uscsd.org/nhsinduction

    Inductees for 2020 include: Olivia Amatangelo; Benjamin Bacdayan; Luke Banbury; Sujay Banerjee; Casey Barker; Atharva Barve; Alexander Belback; Amy Bellas; Patrick Benedict; Lily Bernard; Christopher Bishop; Carson Bogan; Gabriella Brubach; Joshua Brufsky; Jackson Buchanan; Marina Bulazo; Andrea Burgos Mercado; Richard Carlson; Lena Carolla; Alison Caruso; Lauren Caslin; Annika Chaves; Anish Chigurupati; Christian Chiu; Harrison Chui; Antara Cleetus; Brandon Coe; Elijah Cohen; Taylor Connors; Christina Conte; Andrew Conwell; Franco D'Amico; Ethan Dahlem; Karsen Damon; Zoe Dawso; Alison Debski; Julia Dellicarri; Mia Depolo; Raam Diora; William Engel; Zachary Fairfull; Taylor Finkelstein; Julianna Fiori; Madison Fisher; Richard Fultineer; Rebecca Gehring; Luke Gensler; Melanie Geronian; Declan Gessel; Olivia Gianatasio; Daniela Gibbons; Malorie Glancy; Eliza Glunt; Madison Goldberg; Emerick Gross; Reshma Gudla; Eileen Guo; David Halasz; Alexandra Hall; Steven Halpner; Alexander Happ; Peter Hassett; Sara Hess; Carlie Hewitt; Claire Hoffman; Taylor Hutter; Evan Jakovac; Clare Joyce; Patrick Joyce; Noah Karow; Bryce Keating; Madeleine Kent; Caroline Knizner; Jordan Kweder; Kara Lagoy; Brianna Lang; Madeleine Laporte; Andrew Levy; Katherine Li; Brianna Lin; Sydney Lisak; Naiya Livingston; Stephanie Lu; Jacob Lucas; Georgia Madson; Richa Mahajan; Lucas Manalo; Natalie Manalo; Maxwell Mandler; Owen Mann; Deirdre Mannix; Joseph Markovitz; Joshua Matheny; David McClintock; Shay McDowell; Martha McElligott; Julia McKenney; Kate McQuillan; Anna McShane; Morgan Meddings; Michael Menard; Fatima Mendez Fuentes; Natalie Meyer; Madison Milone; John Mologne; Aedan Moss; Max Murtough; Jack Myers; Tucker Neal; Claudia Ng; Madeline Nolen; Olivia Noto; Brett Nyman; Kelsey O'Leary; Nicholas Pacella; Manjiri Palayekar; Parth Patel; Joseph Phillips; Alexandra Prunzik; Tara Pulit; Haley Qin; Katelin Radonovich; Chelsey Ragaller; Vanessa Rainier; Kyle Ralyea; Brooke Reitz; Zachary Reynolds; Daniel Rieker; Ellie Rising; Emily Ritter; Alyssa Robert; Valentina Rosales Mejia; Abigail Rutkowski; Alyssa Saghy; Caroline Sandford; Ryan Sarkett; Triston Schaffer; Sophia Schlichting; Kenza Scott; Amber Seery; Samantha Seewald; Ishaan Shah; Shilp Shah; Afifa Shaikh; Sophia Shi; Emma Skeel; Elle Snyder; Abelardo Sobarzo; Daniel Spatz; Shayna Spivak; Sarah Strain; John Sukernek; Tyler Super; Grace Suter; Liam Szajnecki; Nicholas Tanner; Constantine Tripodes; Paige Tudi; Jay Vakil; Eric Wang; Michaela Widmer; Morgan Wieczenski; Caroline Wright; Shamita Yanamadala; Elizabeth Young; Justin Yu; Shannon Yurcich; Sarah Zadrozny; Jason Zhang; Veronica Zhang; Callie Zollars; and Henry Zou.

    The National Honor Society is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, National Honor Society serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service and character. These traits have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in 1921.

    "The class of 2021 has so much to offer and we are extremely proud of this year's National Honor Society inductees,” Dr. Timothy Wagner, principal, said. “While the National Honor Society induction ceremony is an important event, the pledge of NHS members — in the areas of scholarship, leadership, character, and service — is what yields lasting and meaningful future impact. Your community is proud of what you've accomplished so far, and can't wait to behold all that comes from your active engagement as members of the NHS.”

    Science teacher Laura Carlino serves as the faculty advisor for the National Honor Society at Upper St. Clair High School. Officers for 2019-20 include Vivek Babu, president; Anika Sinha, vice-president; Emme Wetzel, treasurer; and Carly Abraham, secretary.

    The Upper St. Clair Chapter selects members in the second semester of the students’ junior year, so that the members can provide services to the school during the members’ senior year. Juniors who have attained an unweighted grade point average of 3.5 or above have satisfied the requirement for scholarship and have the opportunity to apply for membership in National Honor Society. The process then requires candidates to articulate how they meet the criteria of leadership, service and character. 

    Learn more about National Honor Society at USC