• March 27, 2020

    Student artwork celebrated

    Arts In USC This year’s Arts in USC contest celebrated artwork by students in kindergarten through grade seven. First, second and third place honors were awarded to student artists for each grade level at each school.

    Community members typically have an opportunity to view the student artwork at the annual Arts & Chocolate Spectacular at the Community & Recreation Center; however, the event was canceled for this year. Artwork will be displayed within their respective schools later this spring.

    This year’s contest featured two themes:

    • "A World of Understanding, A World of Compassion" for elementary students in kindergarten through fourth grade
    • “No Place for Hate,” coordinating with the schools’ efforts with the Anti-Defamation League, for middle school students in grades five through seven. 

    Top artists are listed below.

    Baker Elementary 

    First Place – Emily Lee
    Second Place – Isabella ElNokali
    Third Place – Harrison Russell

    First Grade
    First Place – Allison Marie Irvine
    Second Place – Marco Salera
    Third Place – Mae Bosbach

    Second Grade
    First Place – Lauren Scharrer
    Second Place – Carter Russell
    Third Place – Kriti Kulkarni

    Third Grade
    First Place – Samuel Charles Scher
    Second Place – Arianna Jones
    Third Place – Lily Evans

    Fourth Grade
    First Place – Anna Barefoot
    Second Place – Joshitha Gourabathini 
    Third Place – Grace Nasman

    Eisenhower Elementary 

    First Place – Dillon Lentini
    Second Place – Katherine Gellasch
    Third Place – Simon Chapagai

    First Grade
    First Place – Elizabeth Zesch
    Second Place – Finley Fadick
    Third Place – Emma Mycoff

    Second Grade
    First Place – Luka Beric
    Second Place – Bella Blohm
    Third Place – Cora McMillen

    Third Grade
    First Place – Sonia Chapagai
    Second Place – Anvi Vaishya
    Third Place – Addie McCallum

    Fourth Grade
    First Place – Nora Stutzman
    Second Place – Lily Seal
    Third Place – Shirish Pradeep

    Streams Elementary

    First Place – Damon LaSalle
    Second Place – Alivia Rush
    Third Place – Caleb Clougherty

    First Grade:
    First Place – Sarah Sakowitz
    Second Place – Elise Mostowy
    Third Place – Naila Stuck

    Second Grade:
    First Place – Lucas Rudolph
    Second Place – Petra Stuck
    Third Place – Renee Clougherty

    Third Grade:
    First Place – Max Reyes
    Second Place – Mira Murthy
    Third Place – Lindsey Fitzgerald

    Fourth Grade:
    First Place – Alexa Galbraith
    Second Place – Emma Nadler
    Third Place – Iris Wang

    Boyce Middle School

    Fifth Grade
    First Place – Sohana Shreya Senthil
    Second Place – Joshua Beitler
    Third Place – Matthew Beitler & Avantika Jayawant Palayeker

    Sixth Grade
    First Place – Medha Misra
    Second Place – Ray Lindstrom
    Third Place – Tanvi Kallur

    Fort Couch Middle School

    Seventh Grade
    First Place – Sophie Celine Einfeldt
    Second Place – Olivia Fuscaldo
    Third Place – Sydney Waldron