•  For our first, No Place for Hate activity, we met together with our Ike Buddies and watched a read aloud of the story, Do Unto Otters.  If you'd like to reinforce the lessons we learned, read bellow!


    It's a story about manners, based on the "Golden Rule". 


    At the beginning, the rabbit finds out he is going to have new neighbors and they're otters!  He says, "I don't know anything about otters!  What if we don't get along?"  Before he even knows anything about the otters, he's already picturing them fighting, calling each other names and sticking their tongues out at each other! Then he learns about the saying, 


    When he thinks about what the saying means to him, he begins to come up with a variety of ways he'd like the otters to treat him:

    1) Be friendly: A cheerful "Hello", a nice smile, good eye contact

    2) Be polite: Know when to say "Please", "Thank you" and "Excuse me"

    3) Be honest: Keep your promises, don't lie, don't cheat

    4) Be considerate: By being a good listener, asking before borrowing something, caring for all creatures, opening the door for someone, being on time, respecting the elderly, helping your neighbor

    5) Be kind

    6) Cooperate: Work well together

    7) Play fair: Be a good sport, take turns, play by the rules, include everyone

    8) Share things: Your favorite books, your favorite activities, your favorite treats

    9) Don't tease ANYONE about ANYTHING

    10) Apologize when you do something wrong and be forgiving

    The students then discussed how saying a simple "Hello" can make someone else feel special.  They practiced saying "Hello" in different languages:

    "Hola" (Spanish)

    "Bonjour" (French)

    "Guten Tag" (German)

    "Kon'nichiwa" (Japanese)

    Some students even shared the different ways in which they know how to say "Hello" in another language! 

    With their buddies, students completed a fill in the blank activity that reinforced the "Golen Rule".  Then, they thought about how they will treat others and how they'd like others to treat them.

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