• Nov. 6, 2019

    10 students recognized with October Deans’ Awards

    Deans' Breakfast Upper St. Clair High School administrators recognized 10 outstanding students with October 2019 Deans’ Awards. The awardees and the teachers who nominated them were honored at a special breakfast on Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2019.

    October 2019 Deans’ Award honorees include:

    • Alex Edkins, grade 11: nominated by Ms. Ramsey, World Language
    • Bethany Fialkovich, grade 12: nominated by Ms. Despines, Library
    • Reona Horino, grade 12: nominated by Ms. Smigel, Fine & Performing Arts
    • Nick Kalra, grade 12: nominated by Mr. Coffman, Mathematics
    • Kristian Karidis, grade 11: nominated by Ms. Sebastiao, World Language
    • Eden Kirby, grade 11: nominated by Ms. Laboon, Social Studies
    • Ty Lagoni, grade 9: nominated by Mr. Morton, Wellness
    • Nandi Mitall, grade 9: nominated by Ms. Guarnaccio, English
    • Matt Newman, grade 12: nominated by Ms. Zirngibl, Partners in SHOP
    • Evan Vopal, grade 12: nominated by Mr. Hoburg, Science

    The monthly Deans’ Awards program was established when there were deans within the Upper St. Clair High School administration. The program is now coordinated by the high school assistant principals, Mr. Dan Beck and Mr. Dan Zelenski.

    Staff members representing each curricular area nominate a student each month for the Deans’ Awards. In addition to being recognized at the monthly Deans’ breakfast, students who are nominated receive a commemorative pen, award certificate and a copy of the letter written by their faculty nominator.

    Upper St. Clair High School promotes the growth and development of five Social Emotional Learning competencies. Teachers use this framework to nominate students who demonstrate any of the following:

    • Self-Awareness:  the ability to recognize one’s own emotions, thoughts and values, and how they influence behavior.
    • Social Awareness:  the ability to take the perspective of and empathize with others, including those from diverse backgrounds and cultures.
    • Self-Management:  the ability to successfully regulate one’s emotions, thoughts and behaviors in different situations; effectively managing stress, controlling impulses and motivating others.
    • Relationship Skills:  the ability to establish and maintain healthy and rewarding relationships with diverse individuals and groups.
    • Responsible Decision-Making:  the ability to make constructive choices about personal behavior and social interactions based on ethical standards, safety concerns and social norms.