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    Friendship Group: Friendship groups are held regularly throughout the school year.  These sessions strive to assist children with developing a friendship skill set that includes: initiating play, making and keeping friends, carrying on an appropriate conversation, taking turns, playing fair and conflict resolution. This group is suitable for all grade levels.


    Social Skills Group: Social skills group typically runs year round and is appropriate for all grade levels.  Topics include: manners, introducing yourself to others, making eye contact, expected vs. unexpected behaviors, taking the perspective of others, playing fair and taking turns, feeling identification and management as well as any teachable moments that may come up throughout the school year.


    GRIT Group: Taking a deeper dive into our building wide GRIT themes, this group focuses on developing perseverance in the face of adversity, resilience, being optimistic, developing a growth mindset and being flexible.  It’s suitable for all grade levels and typically runs for 4-6 weeks at a time.



    Stress Busters: There are often a lot of worries that go on in the mind of an elementary school student.  This group works to teach coping skills for handling those thoughts and overwhelming feelings.  It typically takes place over a 6-8 week period and is suitable for all grade levels.


    Anger Management: Emotional regulation can be a tough skill for children to navigate.  During Anger Management Group, students take a deeper dive into what is behind their strong feelings and what is triggering them. They also learn to recognize what anger feels like in their bodies and then identify coping skills they can utilize to assist with calming down. This group typically runs between 4-6 weeks and is suitable for all grade levels.


    Organization: This is a 4 week group for grades 2-4, that focuses on the topic of being organized in and outside of school.  We take a look at why we want to be organized and what it actually looks like to be organized in our desks, lockers and study space at home.  We also discuss time management skills.


    Self-Compassion Group: Formally described as self-esteem group, self-compassion group will not only work with students to identify their strengths and build confidence, it will also work with students on recognizing the ways in which they treat themselves, focusing on self-talk and acceptance.  We will discuss: positive and negative attitudes, making mistakes, self-care and building confidence. This group runs between 4-6 weeks and is suitable for grades 2-4.


    Changing Families: Students who participate in this group gather to support each other and discuss any feelings they may have around the topic of divorce and/or a new marriage, step-parent or step-siblings.  Meeting together on a regular basis can aid children with processing their feelings while giving them a new perspective on how to cope with those feelings. This group will run for 6-8 weeks, but can run year round if needed.  It is most appropriate for grades 3 and 4.


    Food, Mood and Movement Group: Taking coping skill development one step further, this group will discuss emotional regulation as it relates to nutrition, mind-set and physical activity. This group involves time in the counseling office for discussion and activities as well as time outside for movement that focuses on developing a positive attitude toward exercise and health.  This group will run on an as-needed basis, year round, for grades 3 & 4.