• PTSO Committee Chairs and Volunteers 

    A big THANK YOU to all of the people who have volunteered to help this year! It isn't possible without you! Please contact Stacey Cobb at staceyacobb@gmail.com if you would like more information about volunteering with the PTSO. 

    Activities Fees– Prema Sridaran

    Apples for Students– Aleen Atencio

    Band Parents– Shelby Wherry 8th, Rhoda Smith & Christine Vinay 7th

    Caught You Being Good– Stephani Ioli, Michele Mandler, Amy Tucker

    Chorus/Musical Parents– Catherine Deep 8th, Debra van Holst 7th

    Digital Communication Coordinator– PTSO Secretary

    Directory for Staff– Prema Sridaran

    8thGrade Farewell– Kathy Ginsberg, Catherine Deep, Mary Kirk, Michele Mandler

    Welcome Day– PTSO Board

    Fast Passes– Heather Ziegler 8th, Siân Howell 7th

    Field Day– Amy Tucker, Corinne Grady

    High School Liasion– Katy Loomis

    Hospitality– Siân Howell 7th

    Orchestra Parents– Mondeep Puri 8th, Prema Sridaran 7th

    Reach Out Collections– Siân Howell, OPEN for additional committee members

    Scholastic Arts & Writing Competition– Melissa Waldron, Penney Miller, Kathy Ginsberg (PTC)

    Sharing & Caring– Stacey Cobb & PTSO Board

    Socials– Betsy Boughner 8th, Gail Gronigner, Shannon Rosenberry

    Spelling Bee– Shaila Miglani, Erin Guarino

    Spirit NightsOPEN

    Spirit Wear– Susan Coyle 8th, Cathy Leco 7th

    Staff Appreciation– Stephani Ioli, Michele Mandler, Melissa Waldron, Shaila Miglani, Amy Barrie

    Valentine Grams– Susan Coyle 8th, Cathy Leco 7th

    Yearbook– Stacey Cobb, Heather Ziegler, Stacie Knieram, Jen Schnore, Penney Miller, Shaila Miglani, Melissa Waldron, More Photographers Always Welcome!