• Aug. 20, 2019

    Sixth grader places 7th in national math competition

    Luke An Upper St. Clair sixth grader Luke An recently earned a seventh place finish in the 2019 National Math Kangaroo competition at the University of Pittsburgh. Luke, along with other Pennsylvania students who finished in the top 20 in the national ranking, were recognized at an award ceremony on June 10 at the University of Pittsburgh.

    Math Kangaroo, held the third Thursday in March, is an annual mathematical competition for students in grades one through 12. For grades five and up, students have 75 minutes to complete 30 multiple choice questions. The maximum possible score is 120 points. Luke scored 111.

    Students who earn top scores at each level of participation are awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals for first, second and third place, respectively. The top scoring students – first, second and third, by level – for each participating state are also recognized with prize ribbons.

    Dr. Yifang Song, Luke’s mom, is grateful for the opportunities that Luke has had to explore his educational interests.

    “We greatly appreciate the effort you put in to create an incredible and safe learning culture at Boyce, nurturing his curiosity, and encouraging him to explore more challenges,” she said.

    All Math Kangaroo participants receive a t-shirt and a certificate of participation.


    Luke An