• May 3, 2019

    High school celebrates Decision Day

    Decision Day Upper St. Clair High School seniors proudly shared their post-graduation plans on Decision Day – Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Students sported T-shirts and sweatshirts from colleges and universities both large and small from throughout the country.

    “Decision Day is a chance to rally around students who have committed to post-high school plans,” Jennifer Kirk, school counselor and curriculum leader said. “Every student who commits to moving on and securing their future deserves to be celebrated just like a celebrity or star athlete.”

    May 1 is National Decision Day, the deadline for high school seniors to formally select which college or university to attend. In addition to graduating seniors, the school counseling department urged faculty and staff to also wear clothing from their alma maters.

    “Decision Day shows support for your future, whether you plan to attend a community college, a university, a certification program, the military or any other education beyond high school,” Mrs. Kirk said.