• April 24, 2019

    Boyce receives grant for Book Clubs initiative

    Tanger Grant Boyce Middle School was recently awarded a $1,062.30 grant from TangerKIDS Grants Program to support the Boyce Book Clubs initiative.

    The Boyce Book Clubs will provide fifth graders on Team Challenger with the opportunity to self-select high-interest books that will be read independently and discussed within small literature circle groups or book clubs. The project is led by Morgan Olsen, fifth grade English language arts teacher.

    “This project allows me to put current, high-interest books into the hands of our students,” Mrs. Olsen said. “The Boyce Books Clubs will encourage students to develop a love for reading, further their reading habits and reader identity, and foster life-long readers who find joy in books!”

    The project will be implemented beginning this May and June and will continue in subsequent school years. The three books that students will select from include: “Hidden Figures Young Readers Edition,” “The Wild Robot Escapes,” and “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.”

    According to the organization’s website, the TangerKIDS Grant program supports and serves the future generation by providing funding for special projects, programs and equipment for schools located near its outlet centers.

    “TangerKIDS Grants have equipped educational leaders with tools that open doors and inspire students through specialty programs, learning resources and other opportunities,” Nicole Baculik, general manager for Tanger Outlets Pittsburgh, said. “Tanger Outlets takes great pride in supporting the education of our future leaders.”

    In 2018, the TangerKIDS Grant Program provided funding to Upper St. Clair High School in support of the school and community garden.